Keto Rash! Oh lawd!

Keto Rash! Oh lawd!

So I got this killer rash that’s going everywhere. I feel like price plow faithful would have tried something and fixed this. Any solutions ?

Never experienced it myself, but if I recall, it might be an electrolyte deficiency. Order some Ultima :smiley:

EDIT: I stand corrected :stuck_out_tongue:

@Mike is the man here for this

Oh dear yes. I had it the second time I went deep keto. Some people get hit with this but most don’t.

For me, it was really bad during workouts when sweating, which led me to believe it was ACETONE getting upregulated too much and excreted.

My two topical solutions were to use Gold Bond (medicated of course, the green can!) as a “dry” fix, and some Tea Tree Wipes as a “wet” fix. There may be other things out there, but that’s what worked for me until it ran its course.

Long-term, it will subside. Purge that nastiness out. But if you can’t handle it, cycle in at least a little bit of carb and take the slower path to keto.

I actually wrote an article about this a while ago and was going to move it to my personal site since it’s not really supplement-related and that’s the focus of PricePlow at this point.

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This isn’t an April Fools thing?

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I like the diet stuff, I would include it in the priceplow blog as well.


Let me get a read. Link?

How long did it last? This stuff is all over my face now. This is so not sexy :joy:

Couldn’t ask for a better time to get it, then lol

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It’s just your body telling you that Keto diet is garbage



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This is true Chad

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