Keto/Carnivor/low Carb Question

Keto/Carnivor/low Carb Question

So I have a tub of double tap powder, but I’m starting a carnivore/low carb diet. I want to try it for 3 months. Does anyone know if taking double tap to regulate my energy would mess with this in any way?

My only guess is I wouldn’t really be able to judge the mental clarity changes from the diet since I would be taking the double tap-which acts as a nootropic of sorts. But would this alter or hurt the fat burning of the diet? Like would it hinder my body from using the fat stored up as energy?

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It won’t mess with your ketosis. Your body will burn the fat as it is [almost] the only energy source you have when you do it properly. Plus studies show that caffeine accelerates autophagy, which is a bonus. I take a crap-ton of supps on keto, and I can tell the mental clarity (which is one of my main reasons for staying on it). It’s worth noting that most folks don’t get the mental clarity until they are a few months in. I didn’t really feel it until after 3 months…now I can’t go back, lol.

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Ah thanks Chadd, or better yet, TheChadd, the caffeine Keto Lad XP. I think I will see how lethargic I get after a week of this, and then start using the burner to help out.

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That first week can be tough for some folks. Keep your electrolytes up, especially potassium, and that will totally help prevent or minimize the “keto flu”. Of course, if you are already in pretty good shape and are athletic, your body should adapt very quickly. If you want a crutch to make electrolytes easy during the transition, I highly recommend Ultima. The grape flavor is the bomb…


Nice link. I think I may do that. Tell me how you felt the first week.


I started keto almost immediately after a 50 lb shred for a BB competition. So I was probably already in keto adatped :laughing:. I’m not sure I experienced any “fog” or “flu” that week.


Allow me to provide an alternative opinion that many wouldn’t expect from me.

One of the greatest benefits of a true Carnivore diet is ridding yourself of sweets and sweeteners. I’d far suggest using Double Tap capsules over the powder.

For me, once I’m on the artificial sweetener train, I’m hooked for the day. The ‘dopamine addiction’ is real. It’s also possible that sweeteners raise insulin but not blood glucose – your brain feels sweetness in the tongue and immediately prepares for the onslaught of food. Which then doesn’t come… now your insulin is up, your body is expecting food, and you crave more sweets.

Given my ‘job’ anymore, cutting out sweeteners is not an option, but I did recently spend three days in nearly 98% carnivore mode, with black coffee as my stim. It was a good change-up.

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Regarding supplements on carnivore:

  • Iodized Lo Salt (potassium and sodium)
  • Magnesium
  • Maybe Selenium along with iodine

The rest all seems to kinda work itself out.

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Agreed on the sweeteners. I switched to back coffee in my morning (I skip breakfast as part of 17/7 fast), and I don’t get hungry as quickly before I break-fast at 11 AM than I did with sweetened coffee. Once I start eating, than I bring on the sweeteners in my coffee and chewing gum during the day.


Thanks, Mike, Chad. I think so far I will just stick to 0 caffeine. I had two tubs of the double tap powder that I got on clearance from V shoppe. I used most of the first one, and the 2nd is waiting for me, but so far, my energy hasn’t really gone down- 4 days in. I think I will ride it out for 2 weeks, and see how I feel.

Double tap was a very good nootropic actually, and I just felt I used it wrong- without a proper diet. I think it was really just a nootropic hunger suppressant, but I wasn’t eating with the right plan in mind to really lose weight. I really didn’t lose anything on 20 servings of that. It took care of my hunger, helping me to fast off of food, but I was already pretty decent at 16/8 fasting.

What I want to do with double tap now is, use it the 2nd month in(if I make it that far) and see if I get some crazy drops in weight. 186, 29 BMI, 20 BF- I want to go down to 175/170, 20BMI, 20 BF. I want to be lean because I have some knee problems, and I have never been really really ripped before.

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Awesome! I’m going to be making my journey very public very soon. You’re welcome to join in and we’ll support each other. I don’t have an ETA yet. Doctor things going on :slight_smile:

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