Keto BHB Question

Keto BHB Question



Question for those who follow the keto lifestyle and/or have used products containing BHB. Found this product on Amazon and noticed it only contains the calcium and sodium BHB and no magnesium BHB like many other keto products do.

In your opinion, is there a reason and/or benefit to not including the magnesium BHB source in a product like this? Or was it just a cost saving effort and the brand hopes no one notices?

Thank you


Not exactly the answer you’re looking for, but…
Personally, I have not observed any effects of taking exogenous ketones when I’m already in ketosis. I believe that if you are already keto, then BHB products won’t provide much help since you are already generating all the ketones you need. Taking exogenous ketones will raise your blood ketones, but I’m not convinced your body will use them…probably just piss the excess out.

…unless maybe you are taking it after a cheat day?

As for the science for the different types of BHB salts, I have no clue, lol


Some people like to take a larger dose of magnesium before bed for sleep purposes.

If you also take a magnesium BHB supplement, and then take your pre-bed magnesium… you may end up on the toilet instead of asleep.

As for sodium, my concerns are the sodium/potassium balance. The top reason I don’t take sodium-heavy BHB supplements is because I seem to be naturally low in potassium (my 2016 non-keto blood work confirms this - low end of normal).

There are also some chemistry reasons to use one or the other.

I think this is right but I’d need to confirm the molecular formulas:

  • One calcium atom binds to two BHB molecules
  • One magnesium atoms bind to two BHB molecules (and water)
  • One sodium atom binds to one BHB molecule

So things can get sodium-heavy. And I think potassium BHB turns into a big rock or something… there’s got to be a good reason nobody uses it. I can find out.


You are correct. If your body is an a real ketosis state, and you take exogenous ketones, your body will use those as an energy source first instead of the natural ketones your body is producing. Kind of negating the fact of being in ketosis. Like you said, taking these exogenous ketones will show them in your system but that doesn’t mean you are in a true ketosis state. This is also where many of these ketone products are misleading and bad marketing.