Kaged Muscle Creaclear Analysis and Dry Scoop

Kaged Muscle Creaclear Analysis and Dry Scoop



i mean this will all respect… it’s a 22 minute video on a creatine supplement, there is no chance i’m watching all of it.

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Doug you fasting? Lol


i actually am…


FFWD is your friend…

Although I haven’t watched it yet, and like you…‘bottom line’ me here…

I think we should have a ‘for the forum’ video…For those of us that ‘get it’…


It is a very interesting discussion though. I have stayed away from pre’s that utilize Creatine because it does not like me for whatever reason…

And I should note that on the Site they still recommend a ‘loading phase’. I thought this had been debunked? (Love that word)


Creatine Nono hurts my gut and bloats me.
This product does not! I still prefer hcl though.



Interesting in that I know that is in PostJym…and from the ‘for what it’s worth’ department PostJym label states that the HCL in PostJym is from ConCret. (Maybe I’m simply late to the party on this fact)

The more you know…


I take Creatine Intraworkout and hcl always seems to help fill out my muscles due to quick absorption. Monohydrate does not give me the same noticeable effect.


I’ve gone away from Creatine for awhile and should perhaps return to HCL. Mono does the same to me.


Sounds more like a sales pitch with this “new” type of creatine. Did they forget that creatine monohydrate has 25+ years of studies on it and that its the most studied version of creatine ? Why, because regular creatine works!
I don’t know of anyone who mixes creatine and lets it sit in water or any liquid. I still take regular creatine the old school way, 1 heaping teaspoon in my mouth and chase it either with my post workout shake or a PowerAde Zero. No mixing needed. This works great.
A loading phase is not needed whatsoever. Sure, it may get you to the saturation point a little quicker but the end result is the same. Your cell can hold only so much creatine. And the unnecessary loading phase has been a big reason why some get the intestinal distress or stomach issues from taking in so much creatine so fast.


Great that it works for you - but you can’t forget that not everyone has such success with mono. Those that get an upset stomach (like me) don’t absorb it as well.


And who the hell is throwing the powder in their mouth and chasing it? I mean you better look like the Rock to back that up…


the old school way was mixing it with grape juice or a high sugar drink to spike insulin levels.


I used to chase it with grape juice for years but now I just chase it with PowerAde or my protein shake.


I do because creatine doesn’t mix well so its easy just to shove the powder in your mouth and chase it. There is no taste to it.


If it doesn’t mix well isn’t that the argument for what Kaged Muscle is doing? And the reason people have issues with it?


Partially. soluability indirectly results in better digestion/absorption.


soooo many products have creatine in it, other than off days, i find no need to take it as a standalone.

(I have SizeOn and Finish Line as staples in my stack, both with creatine)


In the case that you would want to add Creatine and it bothers you this would be the way to go.

And Finish Line? The Shoe Guy’s or the Horse Supplements?