Jobs on PricePlow | Supplement Industry Jobs Online

Jobs on PricePlow | Supplement Industry Jobs Online


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PricePlow is an online tech and media company that provides nutrition industry news, reviews, and interviews with a heavy emphasis on supplementation, low-carb / ketogenic diet research, and sports nutrition. We’re not necessarily hiring full time jobs, but we do have some specific roles open for regular paid work I… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Working for PricePlow is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is passionate about sports nutrition, supplements, fitness, and general health. Mike is great to work with and is flexible and very reasonable. For anyone who is skilled in the available areas of need, I highly encourage you to inquire with Mike about working for PricePlow. It is a great opportunity to learn and be a part of the industry we all love.


Get that supremesoul guy onboard. Every comment he made was like 1k words. :laughing:


@Mike you need to reach out to @vaughntrue for ingredient, science based articles, and write-ups. Not many in this industry is as knowledgeable and direct as him.


Nice opportunities here for those wanting to be part of the industry!


NO. This is awesome. I would love to work on the social media page (fix those damn cropped Instagram stories especially).



Haha. They said paid per word; he’d be making a six-figure salary.


Found our editor! That was on purpose :smirk::smirk:


I’m really considering going for that as well I must be honest!


I’m under the impression that Vaughn has a “real” job and about baker’s dozen children, so I figured he’d be out. But even if he wanted to do like 1-2 articles per month I’d be honored to work with him.

You guys are all right about Instagram. I really need to come up with a plan there. A couple people have reached out about that and I kicked a few ideas, right now we kinda just post any of our content, but it’s not at all personable and is more of a copy/paste job with some occasional contests. Not good enough.


I would use it for short pieces that don’t really need a long explanation, or snazy info-graphics.


i messaged Vaughn earlier, he should be reaching out to you soon.


The Instagram page would be great for 1-minute supplement reviews or highlights of what to expect in future videos. Behind the scenes footage and some supplement review bloopers would make it more personable, also.


This is actually a great idea. We’ve already started putting more fun on the story, but teasing the minute-long clip BEFORE the review isn’t out of the realm of possibilities either

Like the time it took me about 16 takes to pronounce DMAE properly?! hahaha