Jim Stoppani Scandal: Censoring Inconvenient Truths?

Here at PricePlow, you know we love a good sales pitch. The supplement industry is a never-ending stream of new products, ingredient research, dramatic marketing tactics, and sex-driven advertising. We’ve always been quite accepting of aggressive marketing — after all, if you can’t handle it, you probably don’t belong in …
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Dr. Jim is so arrogant, but doubling down on something so obviously wrong really turns me off to his brand. My next purchase will be Nutrabio, I really like the open honest formulas.

Well-done Mike. It’s commendable that you put your ass on the line with little to gain other than setting the record straight so that consumers see the real picture. I greatly appreciate you defending that brands that are doing it right and watching out for consumers.

I was banned from posting to jym Facebook group after mentioning another competing product. Thank you priceplow for being a honest source of good information.

I have to say thia breaks my heart a little. I saw his video before reading this article and i thought to myself that doesnt sound right because I remember seeing other products. Then seeing how he reacted when his error was brought to light makes me question the reliability of his statements. I try to wat grass fed and organic but after reading an article he wrote about there being no need for that in a protien im no longer sure if i can trust his statements. Very sad day. He needs to make this right and apologize and come clean.

Brandon, thanks for the comment. I do want to say that I agree with Jim's take on grass-fed whey, for the most part.

Research has shown that grass-fed meats are superior due to their *fatty acid profiles* and antioxidant profiles -- not necessarily the protein!

But with that 90% WPI, you're stripping out all the "beneficial" fat anyway! So what's the point of having paid for that higher quality milk if you're removing the biggest difference-makers anyway?

The amino acid profiles *might* be slightly different between say a 90% regular WPI and a 90% grass-fed WPI, but we can't imagine it being THAT much different to justify the cost.

A leucine molecule is going to be a leucine molecule after all...

Of course, if you're all for happy cows and more humane treatment of our cattle, then yes, grass-fed is a far more ethical purchasing decision. Whether it's worth it depends on your budget.

So we're with Jim on this one, although I forget what exactly he said back in that video a while back. I never meant to bring every last thing he's said into question, I just don't agree to this recent aggressive style of marketing.

Thanks again for reading!!

Thanks for the reply Mike! Very cool and informative. His post was similar to what you said. I may have had an over-reaction to the article. There are so few people in the industry that seem trustworthy and who have also been around for such a long time and when you put so much faith into someone and see them act in such an uncharacteristic manner its dissapointing. Its like when Superman gets hit with red kryptonite or something lol When the truth is just obvious it starts to make you question other statements where i would just almost blindly listen before. If he is going to BS about something so obvious you wonder if theres other stuff he is not being honest about. I felt my hero let me down. Theres nothing wrong with making a mistake in life or being wrong but the way this was handled was atrocious. I hope its because people who are not him are involved in his facebook and twitter response. They say its always him but have you seen how many things he response too? its almost inhuman. Maybe they are trying to hide the fact its not always him. Well either way im still a fan of his, have admiration for what hes trying to do and consider myself a member of the JYMarmy.

Very interesting post. Good for you for speaking up, Mike. Any updates on the situation?

Unfortunately, they got lawyers involved nearly immediately, so I prefer not to speak much more. That video is still up though, which is a shame, since we've shown that its claims are simply not true.

Wow. I use JYM products but that is really quite disappointing. Doesn't seem to be any need for lawyers. He makes great products but, like you said, some of the claims he's making about other lines simply aren't true. Why not just let these other lines do their thing and you keep doing yours, Jim? No need for a pissing contest.
Hope it all works out for you, Mike.

Now I've even more confused about what he's talking about after the YouTube. He claims to have the only non-proprietary blend, then claims others don't, then claims they do but they're not making enough impact on the industry to make a difference. Then he says they're just doing it to copycat his formula. If he's trying to "clarify" his position, he did a poor job of it.

Disclaimer: I've never used his products and have nothing bad to good to say about them without having seeing the ingredients.

It's great to see companies do non-proprietary blends. Congress should legislate all supplements have to list the exact ingredients and amounts on every supplement sold, which was the whole idea of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

Jym has lost it, an arrogant idiot who is too dumb to do his homework.

Before jym there were proteins which did the job after jym there will be good proteins too. Dr jym ddidn't built his muscles using jym products . jym shops may b good but there are other good prdcprdcts too. Jym can't b the only one .

Jim Stoppani is a complete fraud. ANYONE who buys his stuff or follows his absurdly bad workouts needs their head examined.

The man only exists to push his supplement line. If you follow his recommendations you will easily spend $200 a month on pills and powders.

I won't even go into how absurdly bad his 50+ set workouts are. He tries to overcomplicate everything. This isn't rocket science. You eat clean, you workout. He has people so scared to do anything off his plan that they are all furiously doing math every night to make sure their carb intake is right. Just stop it. Also, he has you eating so much food it's preposterous. 1.5g of protein AND carbs per pound of bodyweight is far far too much.

A perfect example of people blindly trusting those 3 letters after his name.

Just finished my tub of pre jym and pro jym. Pre jym was good but this guy has totally turned me off his products

Yeah, his "Shortcut to Shred" one is utterly insane. Sure, I'll just do two minutes of box jumps between every couple of reps during my superset, I have time for that. Be in the gym 2 hours a day doing bullshit.

I mean the dude makes good products and knows his stuff, but he over complicates things to the point of hilarity, his products are 2-3x more expensive than they should be, and he's an arrogant dick.

i wasn't interested in Neither protein manufacture but nutrabio has my attention. what a great way to promote a company Nutrabio should thank Jym

Dr.Jim should have never opened up that can of worms, Mark Glazier did a very professional takedown of Dr Jim, and his overpriced, repackaged bodybuilding.com protein. Well done Mr. Glazier. Ha ha 69% protein at that cost.

I do remember seeing some old youtube vids of Jim using Protogen be his protein came out. I, too, used Jim's products about a year ago. Then they got way to pricey. That along with his constant arrogance and how crazy he gets in his videos made me look elsewhere for supps. He got his "Jym Army" brainwashed

I really used to look up to Jim but he has gone off the deep end, he is looking more and more insane in each video that he makes