Jim Stoppani Scandal: Censoring Inconvenient Truths?

Alex Rogers here, and I'm a supplement manufacturing expert. I've been making protein just as long if not longer than Nutra Bio.

#1. JYM is violating federal regulations by simply listing a ZERO in the supplement facts panel. It is against FDA regs to list ZERO"s in the supplement facts panel. Technically the FDA can give him a 483 warning letter and force him to change his label.

#2. JYM is not the ONLY brand NOT doing proprietary blends. A small brand in NJ called Apollan Gym is doing proprietary blends as well as my own brand.

#3. Nutra Bio is dead accurate on its protein label. I have examined it and so has my head of FDA compliance.

#4. Nutra Bio and Jym both talk a lot and quite frankly who gives a shit. All that matters is one thing and one thing only, NEITHER which each company did. SHOW ME THE FUCKING THIRD PARTY LAB analysis, which is REQUIRED by LAW!!! It is in the 111's. that all dietary supplements BEFORE release into commerce must verify through a third party, what is on the label is in the bottle. It is as simple as that. NOT from the contract packager, which companies like to fool consumers with to ACT like they conducted a 3rd party test but really didnt. Tests cost money...thousands of dollars. Now Nutra Bio says he has over 300 SKU's. I would suspect that he probably spends $500,000 on tests per per.

#5. JYM can escape this mess he created for himself, simply by labeling his protein as a food and give it a nutrition facts panel like Optimum Nutrition.

#6. By law all supplement companies must have a Standard Operating Manual. I would suspect Nutra-Bio has one but I'd like to see the SOP manuals from both companies. On a side note I did a video where I show in that video my SOP manual.

Bottom line. before you buy ANY dietary supplement, ask to see the third party lab analysis. its a federal law.

I love all the back and forth and see both sides. A little disappointed in jym. And I actually want to try nutrabio. I do havee to point out though that Jim did work at bodybuilding.com and helped develop protogen. He actually talked about it in his come up with bb.com years ago so because of his knowledge and input I can see why it would be similar he had his had in both.

Hmmm... read this article over the weekend while considering which new protein to buy. PROTOGEN (at the bottom of the article) was available Sunday. Logged onto the PROTOGEN product page on bb today to check out prices and I was met with "We no longer carry this product." Interesting.
Link: http://www.bodybuilding.com...

Interesting!! At this point we don't know. Maybe he did formulate Protogen, and now that they're suing him, they are discontinuing it???? Pure speculation there. But every next turn in this process between these two parties seems to be another bad thing and never any improvement to the situation from what we're seeing...

I was doing this type of workout before i ever knew of BB.com which has now been 4 years or so. I have mass and always wanted to be faster, leaner, and more flexible. This workout puts a routine for my now desk job and kids lifestyle. I have been doing it long enough now i have modified versions to shake it up. The absolute best part is i have MINIMAL soreness than i would with a slow cool down. I can easily hit the gym for 60-75 mins and go participate with kids.

If nutrabio is right, then why is bodybuilding.com rating jym products so high?

The entire thing is ridiculous... Seems hard to believe they are going to go with he did not even create it... If he did not seems like it would open up a lawsuit for anybody that bought it.... I am sure there are plenty of people that only bought it because it was "science" not a bodybuilding.com product... They had no problem letting him say he created it.... Anyway the whole thing is so irritating I will probable switch to KAGED...

I would like to take just a moment to point out that we found out that this was also BS. The court case has produced a sworn affidavit which show PricePlow's well-founded prediction to be correct. Pro Jym is overpriced Protogen WITHOUT the beneficial enzymes.

I was just about to make the switch from Optimum Nutrition to Jym, definitely not after viewing all of the information here. Jim Stoppani sounds like the biggest piece of sh*t. Going with Nutrabio for sure, his products look much better anyways, I had never heard of them until I seen this post.

I was a prejym customer and in the #jymarmy facebook page, but since all this shadiness has started, I left that group and now use nutrabio. Stoppani made it seem like he made every product himself and now it seems like he was just pushing the products for a dime. I do remember on Twitter Stoppani recommending protogen to people until his projym came out and now we can see why.

WHICH is why I said simular and not exact. I knew that info, it's not new. AND why I also said I was disappointed in jym products. You're
preaching to the choir

I will stay clear of Jym products from now on. I can't say with confidence who is right or wrong but for now I'll make a change. I was never 100% convinced with Jym products but now am even less convinced. Does Jym share his steroids or keep them for himself?

This is a very clear, almost objective ( almost ;) ) article regarding this issue. I have read carefully everything. Unfortunately I have been following Stoppani's articles on body building for a while. I had a bad feeling about something but couldn't point it out.
The "research shows" in his speeches yet rarely sharing those was a big red flag for me.
Your article does two things. One is confirming my intuition that Stoppani says what is in his best interest.
And second; next time I buy protein is from NutraBio.

Kudos to Mark Glazier for being cool in his video and educative. In Stoppani's videos I only learned how to pronounce Penis with nasal congestion.

Burn for wasting my time, Jim.

@priceplow do you have any suggestions for protein mixes that are comparable to ProJym?