INCOMING: Mike's got a BOMB to drop next week. Contest inside!


It’s involving one of the many controversies that’s been going around lately.

Guess what I’m up to and win a free bag of Catalyst Grass-Fed Whey (opened, used in the review) and a tub of Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy (also opened and used for a review)!

You won’t want to miss this one…

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Something to do with Insane Labz. Are they trying to legally suppress that article y’all posted?

Some more info on the Hi-Tech DMAA case I hope!

Something to do with the legal battle Hi-Tech Pharm is going through as a company. Once the FDA comes after you it’s bad news. :scream::flushed: PICK ME TO WIN !!! @priceplow

Price Plow is starting their own line of supplements and using the DMAA confiscated from Hi-Tech. It’ll be called a Price Plow Labz with zero prop blendz. I’ll DM my address shortly.


Companies using Labz in their names without having the ability to manufacture anything on their own?


+1 on this. The more I get into supplements, the more I realize that a lot of these products from different companies are probably all coming out of the same manufacturing plant and the business is just being ran out of a rental office.

Lmfaooo. I’d buy it.

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Hmm… I’d like to guess something with the Hi-Tech case, but I’m also thinking it has something to do with companies not putting a specific listed ingredient (or more) in their formula? Maybe full list of companies being bad?

Or maybe something with mislabeled ingredients or misleading proprietary blends perhaps

I doubt it has to do with the Hi Tech case as that whole thing as been a bomb. Insane Labz coming at the PricePlow guys would hardly be surprising either, so I wouldn’t exactly call that a bomb. So far, I don’t have a guess yet, I just wanted to weigh in on those.

Ok given its mike I am going to guess keto related, perhaps doing something regarding BPI’s keto aminos.

The way its phrased implies its not related to a new product, but I doubt if it was something really bad, ie you being sued as there wouldn’t be a contest.

I’m going to guess something related to the keto diet since that hasn’t been guessed before.

Actually gonna make another guess, you are going sue or be involved in suing the FDA, or some other large or governmental organisation.

Oh I think mike may have mentioned before that he’s thinking about hiring someone. Perhaps he’s about to announce a new team member??

My first thought was something keto as well…lol

Well if the keto wins then you can have the protein, I don’t put any value in grass fed protein or natural flavors, and stevia sweetened does not appeal much.

Or I might hold a contest of my own, just need to think of something ridiculous to do.

The grass fed whey is misleading, I agree. It’s done basically as a marketing tool to sell product. By the time you do all the processing to make whey protein, it doesn’t matter what the cow ate.

From my understanding, grass feeding tends to give beef a better fatty acid profile. But then, as you said, that’s all removed when they make the protein. However, I would like to support the usage of happier, healthier cows.

Yep, more omega 3, lower sat, higher trans, slightly lower cholesterol.

Was thinking DMAA related myself but something is telling me that’s not it.

Are you going to finally drop that article on DHEA that you’ve been threatening?

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