Hype Tunes for Training

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Everyone I know has that go-to song–or songs–for a new max attempt, new rep PR, or just grinding out that last set when you’re fighting to just stay on your feet. What are yours?

Personally, I get so in the zone that I forget to put music on more sessions than not, but when I remember, I have a few that I go back to time and again.

I know naming the band is gonna put some people off, but Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco is such a good hype song. If you really get into the character of it, it adds at least two inches to your self-perceived penis size.
I like deadlifting heavy to Bleed It Out, by Linkin Park.
A lot of my training sessions are done with Hollywood Undead in the background because so many of their songs have that cocky, self-confidence-booster feel, but a couple of favorites are City and Party By Myself.
And lastly, if I just need something fast-paced and heavy in the background to keep the pulse pounding, I keep Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad on shuffle. His screaming/growling is great, but his cleans are just beautiful.

Untraveled Road, Going to go far Kid, Drown, 1000hp, Ladies and Gentleman, Weak, Move, man I got quite a playlist! Can’t leave it up to chance.

Lycanthrope or Jack Pepsi-TAD

I used to have a ton of songs downloaded to my iPod shuffle (yes I’m old school) but recently downloaded the FitRadio app to my iPhone and pick DJ’s from there.


My “emergency mode” music is the beginning of the Strapping Young Lad - City album.

Spotify: City - Album by Strapping Young Lad | Spotify


If the first half of that album can’t get me going, I’m toast

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I have a bunch of songs an old MP3 player…LOL I don’t want to carry around my iPhone like I see a lot of people doing. I know if I did, I would end up damaging it somehow…LOL