How often to you switch up your pre-workout?

How often to you switch up your pre-workout?

Sorry folks, I have been traveling (a week in Vegas followed by a week in New Orleans - feel sorry for me - although it was for work)…

In any event…currently, use Ghost Legend and Pump pre-workout and have Mega-Pre Black waiting in the bullpen…I’ve considered switching up every other workout or once every 3 workouts or so…

Which begs the question - How often are you switching up your pre? Asking for a friend of course.


I used to have a dozen or so open and would switch it up. Now, maybe 3, 4 max open and it depends on if I am working out fasted or late in the day on what I choose.


I have been using SuperPump MAX straight for 2+ years with a random pre every now and then (C4 Ultimate, Quake 10.0, etc.)

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I legit have at least ten or more opened up now, time of day, body part I’m training, my general mood, etc. all factor into which one I am using at that particular time.


I’m more like this as well, all sorts of them depending on what I need.


Gentlemen…thank you.

I’m superstitious and concerned about switching up anything - especially when workouts are going well for me. But understand switching it up is a good idea.

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Got plenty of unopened tubs in the pantry. However, I only open one at a time and keep it in the freezer. Even though I get most of my stuff cheap or free. I don’t like it turning into a rock like substance. Supplements are too expensive to replace, even if you got the shit cheap or free.


I usually have a few (2-4) open and pick one depending on my mood.

Lately it’s been:

Vasoblitz with a Dynamine/Caffeine/TeaCrine pill

One scoop Mega Pre Black + Vasoblitz

Ghost Pump + Mega Pre-Black

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Black w/ Ghost or black w/ Vaso better in your opinion?


I love Ghost…love it.

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I’m always giving other pre-workouts a shot. I try at least 6 different products a year.

Whenever I’m in a basketball league, I’ll take 2 scoops of Quake and lift before the game.

Last month I had the Kraken + Kraken Pump stack with Glycoload. Starting this week I have Mega PRE Black going with Kraken Pump and Glycoload. Hoping to get to DVST8 White Diamond soon.


are you guys 2 scooping Mega PRE Black, when stacking it?


I’ve used it 3 times now…the First 2 times I double-scooped and paid the price (cramping etc…)

Today I used it combined with Mega-Pre White…(one scoop each). Also one scoop of Ghost Pump.


I’ve been using Ghost Pre and Pump (where’s @Matt_Towson when you need him for a free plug) through a few tubs now and just really like it. Not over-stimmed and it gets the job done. Despite the fact that I’m (and I laugh at this) way out of their targeted demographic…

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Naw just one scoop. I’m over high stim preworkouts for the most part


I go 2 scoops and deal with the stim as much as I don’t need that kind of dose.

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What did you think of Kraken?


The kraken stack is one of those ‘perfect for me’ products because the stim is around 250mg with two scoops and that’s all I need. Pump, vascularity and a sub-300mg caffeine profile is my kind of pre.

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Thank you BH

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This is me…I work out before my work shift and factor in things like mental focus sticking with me into the workshift as to whether or not I keep going with a certain PWO. I have been religiously using Centurion Labz God of War Red for several months now (the old discontinued AMP Citrate version, which can still be found online) as it still kicks me into gear for several hours without crash.

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