How Long of a Water Fast Needed to Get Back into Ketosis?

How Long of a Water Fast Needed to Get Back into Ketosis?


POST-Thanksgiving and 3 scoops of EVL’s Stacked Plant Protein (had roughly 200 carbs throughout the day), how long do you think it’ll take me to get back into ketosis, with Ketosis = 1.0mmol/L?

I measured last night at 9:30pm but my last food (the shakes) were at 9pm. Blood sugar was 106 and ketones were 0.2 at that time, but don’t let those numbers food you because I think the shakes took some extra time to get in there.

This begins the start of my new journey. Have been taping it. More to come, just having some fun seeing how long it’d take a “general low-carber” to get into true ketosis after a cheat day.


How insulin resistant are you? Of course, folks are all over the map with that. I bet you are already back in ketosis if you water fasted today.

At Thanksgiving, I didn’t measure macros, but I had a slice of pumpkin pie with whip cream for lunch, mashed taters and stuffing with dinner, and an entire pint of blue bell cookie’s and cream ice cream and a kodiak brownie with whip cream after dinner. My ketones at 2 PM today were at 1.1 mmol/L. Granted this is after a pretty serious workout this morning: a 2.5 mi run plus a 2 hour lift session plus 10 minutes of HIIT. All I had to eat today was 3 cups of kale and 1 cup of mixed berries before my workout.

I wish I measured my ketones (or lack thereof) last night, though :laughing:

Oh, why do you draw the line at 1 mmol/L (versus 0.5)?


Depends on the level of exercise, going to guess 2-3 days.


No exercise to keep it “pure”… but may break that today because it’s definitely taking longer than expected to get to 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though, 200mg caffeine pill and water and I feel great. Not stopping caffeine at the same time.

Craving savory more than sweet, so I’m gonna toss down some extra Lo Salt

0.5 has always been “lower energy” for me. I don’t really start feeling good until 0.8. I want the next round of experiments to be a bit more serious. Want to be 1.0 upon waking up, maybe let it trend down a touch during the day, then try to get back there over the 16hr fast.

A good bit, I believe. Never had anything tested. But if my blood sugar is at 86 after 36 hours of fasting, I am clearly hanging on to this for a while (or my liver/muscles are unloading more than I realized… or both).