HIRING: Part-Time Video Editor for PricePlow's YouTube Channel

HIRING: Part-Time Video Editor for PricePlow's YouTube Channel


Originally published at: https://blog.priceplow.com/jobs/youtube-video-editor

That’s right, PricePlow is hiring! If you’ve wanted to get a foot into the sports nutrition / supplement industry and have some video-editing talent, then this part-time contract-based job is a great way to start: CJ needs your help! PricePlow is Hiring a Video Editor to help with CJ’s workload…… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Someone in Instagram asked how many videos this would be. My answer:

We’re shooting for at least one more per day on average, plus 2 Instagram shorts per week on average. Our average video is 10-15 minutes long?


Shared in my social networks… :smiley:


Thanks Chaddd!!

PS! Where’s @mattceno at! He may have the bandwidth to help


Too busy working on the video…LOL!


How is this going, @Mike? Find someone yet?


Yeah a few people of varying levels of awesomeness! I should probably take the posting down. Matt did great on the GI Juice video, got a few other RedCon1 things I was planning on tapping him for too!