Heavy Cardio and Lifting on the Same Day? NO, says New Study

There is an endless debate in fitness circles over the pros and cons of doing both cardio and strength training in the same day. Some gym bros say to do lifting before your cardio, some say do cardio before lifting, and still others suggest that you can do them in …
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What is not mentioned here is the specific method of cardio training involved as well as the intensity of the cardio training. Similar results could be achieved by taking one category (DD, ES, SE) and performing different methods of cardio training.

I always do a LISS type of cardio AFTER weight training when its my cardio days. I also cant stress cardio after you lift, not before.

Note taken. I’ve always done cardio after weightlifting, but I guess I’ll have to change that and experiment with this. Is there more research on why the results are that way? Why it’s better to separate weights and cardio?

Doing cardio first will use up your glycogen levels leaving very little for your weight training. This is not good, your training and muscle recovery will suffer.

Yeah I know that. I didn’t mean cardio before weightlifting. I meant why separate lifting and cardio days? Is it in the article, did I miss it?

I also like to do tabata. It’s a good, quick, but tough cardio session.