Have You Ever Hit a Plateau?!

Have you guys ever hit a plateau in your training? What did you guys do to surpass that plateau?

I hear all this stuff about overtraining and whatnot. I hear about taking deload weeks to give your muscles or cns a rest.

Would love to hear what you guys do and when it may be necessary to take deloads.

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I have been on training programs that build in a de-load week. However, I travel constantly for work (Pitt/SF last week and Minneapolis this week) so there are times when yes I’m beaten up and I simply take a couple of days off…Nothing major…just a few days to regroup.


I think that regarding muscle building, a “deload” really depends person to person. For strength goals, especially for ones that have a “peaking phase” in them, I would say deload is a must. With that being said, hypertrophy training can be so diverse. I worry less about “Over training” regarding muscle hypertrophy, and more about simple adaptation to a program.

In my personal opinion, one of the best things I decided to do was lay out periodization programs for myself instead of doing it intuitively. I think having a plan that builds on the progression / intensity / volume each week is huge. If not just to keep you accountable. I don’t think periodization is required to grow muscle, but it can help you to make sure everything is in place… kind of keep you accountable, in case you plateau.

I did a few videos on our channel about periodization, and I also had a little “deload” rant video with my good buddy Dylan on there a while back. Check them out and let me know what you think.

PERIODIZATION VIDEO - https://youtu.be/Um5DKka1ZZk
PERIODIZATION VIDEO 2 - https://youtu.be/GO6NuzSbJ-U
DELOAD RANT VIDEO - https://youtu.be/d1cjMrRm21c


Just watched all of them! The first two about periodization was all new info to me. I’ve seen and heard about periodization being thrown out a lot, but never really knew the true meaning of it. Super informative and I like the way you built your own program, really unique to say the least.

Now I know how to somewhat build my own program, as I was planning to after I test my maxes out soon.

As for the deload video, I realized that I may not have been taking the deload weeks I needed to. Whenever my body felt so fatigued and worn down I’d just try to push past it a lot. So cool to know that backing off the weight and intensity for a week or so might do so much as to help build an even bigger number than before.

What do you think about powerlifting and bodybuilding mixed into one program? Do you think it’s possible? Like a “powerbuilding” program some people may call? Also do you think it is possible to lose weight/fat while gaining strength (powerlifting)?

So the days off are literally all rest? No exercising whatsoever? I feel like I HAVE to workout everyday especially when it comes closer to midterms and finals because all that stress and whatnot.

As it stands and due to travel/family etc…I usually train ever other day. So yes, I’ll literally do nothing…Trust me it’s needed

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Right now I’m in one for deadlifting and bench press. My squat is inching along ever so slowly, but it’s progress.

I had a competing powerlifter and hi-tech rep give me his current program foundation. Take your 80%-90% 1rm and just do multiple one-rep sets… get your body accustomed to the motor unit recruitment necessary for that weight. Your mind and body will let you know when to take a deload week or to take your shot at moving up.

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I’ll try giving a couple days rest. Been feeling fatigue and beat up

I always give myself a few extra days of rest and will change my training routine when I come back to the gym.

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