Grade Mike's Erection Stack for Random YouTuber

Grade Mike's Erection Stack for Random YouTuber


We got a random comment on a YouTube video asking about supplements for a bigger dick. It was probably a troll but I figured I’d chime in anyway. Here’s my stack:

Thoughts? This isn’t a problem for me but when I take nitrates I do notice a boost.


MTS Insurgent, then start laying pipe bombs left and right. Not that I had a problem to begin with, but it was still pretty impressive


Well, if the guy was serious. There are NO pills to take that will make your “Johnson” bigger. As for libido, get Levitra. It is much better than Viagra. Viagra is actually the worst out of the 3, Cialis is number 2 but Levitra is 1.


Soy Lecithin granules are apparently aces for a bigger load. :thinking: Never tried it myself, I don’t respond well to choline supplementation so I’ve always been wary of SL.


To actually get bigger, I’d say just go through puberty again.


Got you fam



ejaculoid doesn’t work according to my uh, customers.