(GOOD) Keto snacks

So far the most hard part has been adjusting to not eating protien bars. I went to GNC and tried some thing called Keto Krunch. I didn’t really like it honestly, though the label fit perfectly. Are there any true Delicious Keto/ Low carb snacks? Bars?

Side related question, are Quest BARS Keto Friendly? I really don’t understand the whole 5 net carb thing.

Your best bet is to do some googling on this. But you’ll eventually not need to snack anymore on keto. Quest Bars can cause GI distress on some folks. I’d recommend avoiding bars and stuff for your first couple weeks…stay strict keto. If you still want to snack, pick up some cheeses, deli meats (make sure there’s no added carbs), pecans, and macadamia nuts. Once you are keto adapted, you can start experimenting with carbs, such as those bars. I keep Costco’s Kirkland Protein Bars on hand for the very rare occurrence I want one. They are pretty low net carb, and taste awesome after 12 seconds in the microwave.

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Gi distress ?


Regarding the “5 net carb” thing, fiber must be included in the carbohydrate count, but is usually not digested as a carbohydrate would be. Thus, you can subtract the fiber from the carbohydrate count to get “net carbs,” i.e., “carbs that matter.” That’s the theory, but many find that the bars stuffed full of fiber still cause a sugar spike or insulin response, so it’s kinda a gray area.

Plus they give you diarrhea.

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cha cha cha

Hahaha. Quest never gave me Diarrhea. I only eat one or two in one day. Hmmm, that’s good to know. But it’s grey area. This is fruistrating because sweets are hard on me. I have no idea why there’s a bar called carb killer with 25 cards in it.

I did see some keto bars online I might try.

You should just Google and make some Keto Protein Balls. I make my own from time to time and find them much more satisfying than Protein Bars. A hell of a lot cheaper too, since most of us tend to have a bunch of Protein laying around. Plus you can make it with different protein powder flavors for more fun!

Well God bless you for this. ALl of you guys really. Thanks Dsslaya- The funny thing is, the week before I started this, I was baking a lot, but then I went on a church retreat and was gorging on snacks. My brother texted me about his carnivore joureny and I was like Bingo! that sounds like a fun new thing to try, but the 1 week in and I remembered my bar and protine love again. Haha. I will try to bake some of this.

I have a friend who keeps giving me protein her brothers never finish, so I have a wide variety of low car whey lying around.

If you Google keto fat bombs, there will be plenty of recipes. You will likely need to invest in some coconut or MCT oil for many of them.

If you go Carnivore there are a couple things to keep in mind. I tried Carnivore last year and only lasted 3 weeks, because I would just get incredibly painful stomach cramps after each meal. It really started the third week. So the lesson learned here, is you need to supplement the diet with some digestive enzymes at least for a little while. I think it takes somewhere in the ballpark 6-8 weeks for your body to get used to nothing but meat! However, the diet was a lot of fun, and there was no better feeling than eating a steak for lunch at work and saying “hey bro, what you got there, a sandwich? Sweet i am gonna eat this NY Strip!” SO take it slow and do it right and you will not make the same mistakes I did.

As far as Keto goes, I have never tried it. I am starting to slowly adjust my diet to a Keto’ish type one to see how I like it. I tend to get lazy and use eatthismuch.com to aid in my meal prep and for ideas. It actually is not a bad site or app to use if you are like me and want variety and do not care to calculate a full days worth of macros yourself.

Like others have said, don’ overthink it, just slowly adjust in, that way you will stick with it a lot longer than just throwing out your fridge and starting fresh! Trust me I am a master overthinker, and super OCD, so I totally get it brother! Hmmm now I think i am going to go make some Protein Balls, LOL!


Really enjoyed this post. Yeah, man, maybe I’ll just low carb, but make meat and eggs my norm. I don’t think I’m as deep into this as I first thought. That whey is calling my name :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Share some recipes

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Sliced Avocado: Take 1 whole avocado. Slice in half. Remove skin. Remove pit. Slice it. Add salt.

Macadamia nuts: Open bag. Eat

Grilled ribeye: Take 1 ribeye, grill it.

Eggs: umm…cook 'em

Salmon: Grill or fry


I tend to avoid chicken breasts even when I wasn’t on keto simply because it was a less enjoyable meat. I prefer chicken thighs, plus they are more fatty. Recipes that require chicken breasts can normally be substituted with chicken thighs without issue.

Almost 100% of my carbs are from vegetables (mostly cruciferous). They have a lot of great micronutrients. If you are doing carnivore, you can do without and see how it feels.

Tons of good recipes online. Among the plethora of other sources, check out https://www.reddit.com/r/ketorecipes for folks posting stuff daily.

This was my dinner tonight…Bacon wrapped boneless chicken thighs on a jalapeno cream with deep roasted Brussels sprouts. My wife is awesome :smiley:

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Avoid Quest. Just do…lol I don’t care if they are or aren’t keto, the vast majority will cause GI upset

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Here is one I have done in the past:

Usually when I want to make some I just google and read through until I find something that looks cool. For this I used Chocolate Chips (cause I hate raisins) and 2% milk. When recipe says to slowly add liquid, definitely do that I ended up with too much at one point. I have made this with the Cinnamon Donut protein by NB and it was great!

That is absolutely not keto my dude

Or is it just a group of people have “snowflake” tummies now? :rofl::thinking:

I should have clarified this is not a KETO ball, I am not on Keto, this is what I made like a month or two ago. simple solution is to just google keto protein ball.

Yeah…no. IMO’s destroy my insides…so not snowflake tummies, “horrible decision making by companies” tummies

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