Ghost Supplements - A New and Edgy Lifestyle Brand

Ghost Supplements - A New and Edgy Lifestyle Brand


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Ghost is a brand new lifestyle supplement brand, headed by Dan Lourenco of Cellucor fame, that is set to make a big splash and we’ve got all the info! By now you may have seen some product imagery and read some preliminary information on the brand new supplement company Ghost… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Sorry guys but the cereal milk flavor was not good. It tasted like a bad batch of vanilla protein. I kept hearing a lot of people saying it tasted like Captain Crunch cereal in milk. My first thought after trying it, was what Captain Crunch were they eating, its terrible ? LOL Tasted nothing like it. I will never buy again plus its too costly. Much better tasting and better quality, and cheaper proteins out there.


I’ve seen hit or miss on taste of the Cereal Milk flavor. Apparently the PB Cereal Milk is really good though. I’m planning on trying the PB Cereal Milk and Blueberry Toaster Pastry once they’re on sale again. There was a 3 tubs for ~$67 deal not long ago that I missed out on. :frowning:


Yeah, I love peanut butter, but Im not going to pull the plug on it, I am afraid I will be disappointed. I would love a sample though.


Samples would certainly be nice! I wish more companies did samples like Redcon1, for example, where you only pay a couple bucks in shipping for a few servings. Nothing is worse than buying a tub of something and not being able to stomach it lol.


I have yet to try the Ghost Brand out. What do you think is their best product? Their preworkout? Protein? Etc! Packaging on it is really cool in my opinion, I dig it and it’s appealing to the eye.


IMHO, Ghost Whey Cereal Milk - although some disagree here! I think it’s legit Cap’n Crunch.

The price isn’t that bad if you can find their 20% off coupon directly to their site (we still need to get hooked up with them).


Mike, I do remember you guys reviewing Cereal Milk and loving it. Seems it’s pretty hit or miss with some, but more on the hit side. One day i’ll pull the trigger on some. I have more than enough protein at the moment anyway lol.


I’m using their Blueberry Toaster Pastry right now. In water, it is a disappointment. In almond milk however, it is really good! You gotta drink it quick or else the pastry chunks get mushy though. I’m going to get the cereal milk next before I give it a thumbs up or down though.


Good to hear as I primarily use almond milk. I’ve all but given up on water for protein powder. The pastry chunks sound like the best part. :smiley:


I picked up the Cereal Milk flavor after the Price Plow reviews. The flavor isn’t bad, but it is too strong. I wanted to use it in my fruit smoothies to add a milk like flavor, but it just overpowers everything.


Picked up some cereal milk today. Really enjoyed it in almond milk. Kind of tastes like captain crunch to me.


Great feedback. I miss captain crunch… Need to get me some of that in the meantime until I get some Ghost.


This topic is from a while back but I recently decided to give a Ghost another shot. This time I picked up Blueberry Toaster Pastry and Peanut Butter Cereal Milk.

Equally and personally important to my protein preferences, are taste/texture, and the label. Ghost’s label is definitely transparent, coming in at 12.5g of 90% whey protein isolate; 10g of 80% whey protein concentrate; and 2.5g of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

If anyone read my review for Spartan Whey, you know I loved it. Ghost Whey is tied at the top with Spartan Whey for me, after using Ghost for three consecutive days. My favorite part, is that Ghost utilizes only faster digesting proteins with WPI and WPC, as opposed to Spartan Whey which utilizes 6g of micellar casein protein.

No matter what Jim Stoppani says, I do not see added value in using a slow digesting protein for “post workout” when I plan to eat a regular meal around one hour after that shake. Because of that, I think Ghost Whey would be #1 on my current list, if I was forced to choose a single protein powder for the rest of my life.

My previous experience with Cereal Milk must have been tainted somehow or the tub was tampered with. That tub tasted bad a year ago, but both of these flavors I tried recently are absolutely incredible. Being said, if any of my negative Ghost posts dissuaded users from trying out their products, I apologize and encourage you to try it if you can shell out the cash.

Peanut Butter Cereal Milk might be favorite protein of all time, thanks to the perfect salty and sweet taste ratio. Toaster Pastry is great too and very unique as it has a sweet yet tart flavor, to replicate a blueberry poptart.

Well done Ghost. Well done.


Never given Ghost protein a shot. Once I’ve gone through what I have now i’ll Probably pick it up next.


You can get their protein under $20 a tub at GNC right now

Buy 2 get 1 free + Coupon Code : 33626
Just make sure total is over $80

Absolute steal of a deal.


I suggest you take advantage of the GNC deal now, not a cheap brand


That’s how I grabbed my 3 tubs. Came out to $56 including shipping.


I just wish they had the Fruity cereal milk. I would buy the cereal milk and blueberry toaster pastry but not sure what else.


PB Cereal milk one of the best PB’s on the market.