Ghost Energy Review

Ghost Energy:

Citrus – Ghost Energy in citrus reminds me of a diet sprite. You get the carbonation provided in the diet soda with a lingering sweet and sour flavor in the aftertaste. This flavor is straight to the point, provides an ample amount of flavor, and has a hint of a white monster in the tail end. This isn’t a bad flavor per se, but it is the least enjoyable of the bunch.

Tropical Mango – The tropical flavor captures a fruit punch melody that hits your taste buds out of the get-go. Pineapple, orange, passionfruit, and grape linger as the mango flavor hits hard in the backend of the aftertaste. Ghost did a good job of capturing all the elements of these flavors to provide a very smooth and refreshing carbonated beverage. If you enjoy a melody of flavors this is the one for you.

Sour Patch Kids Redberry – I have never had the legend pre-workout flavor of Ghost Redberry, but this is a game-changer. The contrast of sour and sweet is absolutely perfect. The icing on the cake is the carbonation where the flavors go hand in hand with a perfect ratio to provide the true flavor of sour patch kids. Given how well Ghost was able to replicate this in the energy drink I now see why this flavor was so heavily requested in the pre-workout powder.

Warheads Sour Watermelon - What I enjoyed about Ghost is how they bring a very natural flavor to the market when duplicating a popular candy. Right away you get the sweetness of a warhead, but not to the point of filling your taste buds with sugar. The sour taste of the candy comes in the backend, which gives you the dual flavor from a true warhead. The carbonation complements the flavoring making it shine.

Ranking of Flavors:

  1. Sour Patch Kids Redberry
  2. Warheads Sour Watermelon
  3. Tropical Mango
  4. Citrus


200mg Natural Caffeine

1g Taurine (Endurance booster)

1g Acetyl-L-Carnitiine (ALCAR) ((Boost in focus))

150mg Alpha-GPC (Cognitive booster)

100mg NeuroFactor (Brain health and function)

25mg Astragin (Improve uptake of ingredients)

Ghost energy provides a fully transparent label

Ghost exclusively partnered with Anheuser-Busch to manufacture and distribute the ready to drink products.


Solid review Bob, I’m gonna have to keep and eye out for these.


If you have not seen my post in the new supp thread.

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I’ll throw out my quick review and preference on flavors:

  1. Redberry: Very sweet and it has the perfect sour contrast. Not what I was expecting, but this is one of the better tasting energy drinks I have had. MVP for Ghost’s first round of flavors.

  2. Citrus: Bob hit it when he said it is similar to Sprite. Not the “white monster” flavor I hoped for, but I love citrus soda, so this was an excellent flavor for me. No where near as sour as Watermelon.

  3. Tropical: Nothing wrong with this flavor - I really liked it. I wish there was a bit more sourness to it (C4 Tropical Punch is still one of my favorite flavors of RTD @stad0203 and @burntreality ). This isn’t as good as C4 but it’s still very refreshing. If you don’t like tropical flavor combos, steer clear of this, as there is a strong Mango after taste (which I love).

  4. Watermelon: This was a toss up for me. VERY sour. You definitely get an authentic Warheads experience. It tastes very refreshing and almost identical to the candy. Made my teeth very gritty due to the acidity, which is higher in this flavor than most energy drinks. Taste wise, it is awesome - but just a bit too sour for me to drink on the regular.

My two cents - these drinks need to be really cold to enjoy. Not “some-what cold,” but REALLY cold. I threw mine in the freezer for 15 minutes before drinking, even though they were in the fridge for a few days. IMO, it adds a crisp and refreshing kick to each flavor. I do this with all RTDs, but they become less enjoyable after I finish off half the can, and the remaining amount starts to hit room temp.

In terms of performance and effect - this RTD packs a punch. The label is walking an amazing tightrope in terms of energy and focus blend. This is very similar in terms of Nootropic effect, to that of C4 Smart Energy. I give the edge to Ghost, simply because of the L-Carnitine and Astragin. The Alpha GPC and Neurofactor come in at 250mg total, while C4 Smart Energy boosts Cognizin at 200mg. Depending on how you respond to these ingredients, you might prefer one product over the other, if “focus benefit” is what you are chasing.


We seem to be eye to eye on this one.

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Yah, I think other than Redberry, I could see how anyone would prefer/dislike the other three in comparison to each other. I suspect everyone will like all flavors, but ranking them will be based on flavor preference and the sweet/sour ratio preference as well.

These sound worth trying. I will wait until I can find them locally because no way I am paying what they are asking for per case when I could buy C4 and others cheaper.


I doubt these will be a mainstay for me, since I can grab 24 Monsters on Amazon for $30. But they are a good change of pace on a day where the extra focus will be needed. I get it, we can always supplement with other stuff for focus - but it’s a nice treat to have it in RTD form from time to time.

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Comparing the formula from Ghost Energy to Monster is like comparing apples to oranges. There is more to a monster and to Ghost energy than just the 140 vs 200mg Caffeine. If Ghost could get the price that much lower they would, but will be harder with a fully transparent formula


For sure. I’m simply referring to a basic RTD for energy purposes, with little other benefit.

Same with comparing to C4 (outside of ultimate, depending on that prop blend)

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That’s definitely true, but it may be a hard sell to mainstream crowds. “Do I want a $1 energy drink that’s pretty good, or a $3-4 one that’s REALLY good.” I’ll admit, most days I’d choose the former.


Depends on the consumer and their brand loyalty. Just like do people want to buy nike or under-armor, or would they rather go to Walmart and buy a T-shirt for half the price.

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agreed with this, I think it goes along with anything even supplements…some people would rather the convenience of picking up a protein powder while doing their shopping at walmart and the likes vs. going to another store and paying more


@Caribou I’d agree with that 110% I’d grab 3 Monsters for the same price and be happier.

@Matt_Towson that’s really weird about being nearly frozen to taste the best, I sip these types of drink during work and would rarely drink one before it was at least 1/2 warm.


100%. Id much rather have more monsters at that price point, since I enjoy them and the energy is “good enough.”

As for beverage temperature, I think it must be a preferential thing. I can’t enjoy a protein shake if I don’t mix it with very cold water. Same with BCAAs, or even just water on it’s own. As you and everyone else here are well aware, Xtend Cookie Butter is my favorite and go to protein… but I can’t drink it, if mixed with lukewarm or barely chilled water.

Not sure why the temp is such a make or break deal for me.

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4 me ice cold drinks (i dislike coffee, tea, hot cocoa), and hot or warm food, i don’t really even like cold subs or sandwiches

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Speaking of a sub
I could use a Jim’s sub right now from buffalo

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get the stinger, with bacon and banana peppers, and it needs to be from the Allen St. or Chippewa locations (the originals).

Now I might take a walk down there today.


The one on Allen right next to ABV is the one I always go to. YES SIR

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