Gaspari Proven Egg Review by @TreatnHerRight

Gaspari Proven Egg Review by @TreatnHerRight

Let me start out by saying; Thanks a lot Gaspari Nutrition and Gaspari Dan for sending me a full 2lb tub for review!

Product info and review below:


Mixability (all with 5oz per scoop)
Water: Mixes well but foams considerably. (Makes me not want to use water)
Fairlife Fat Free Milk: Mixes well, little to no foaming.
Blue Diamond Unsweetened Cashew Milk: Mixes well, little to no foam.


To start, the Salted Caramel Flavor was delicious in every way I tried it, but I’ll try to point out the minor differences!

Water: 9/10, Tasty, sweet Salted Caramel Flavor! Thicker than your normal Whey Concentrate/Isolate shake.
Fairlife Fat Free Milk: 9.5/10, Enhanced Salted Caramel Flavor, even sweeter!
Blue Diamond Unsweetened Cashew Milk: 10/10, I LOVE this combination, makes for a thicker and very flavorful shake! After trying it with Cashew Milk, I couldn’t go back!

10/10, This protein powder has 25 grams of protein per scoop and 8 grams of BCAAs while having only 1 grams of carbohydrates (Sugar), and no fat. The ingredients are also very “Clean” having no Artificial Colors, Flavors, Sweeteners, Hormones, Antibiotics, and is also Diary and Lactose Free.

Overall Review and Notes
This is a winner for me, it is my first Egg Protein supplement and is easily one of my favorite proteins for its great profile and taste! I’ve had no digestive issues consuming 2 and on occasions 3 scoops to meet my daily protein requirements.

Would I recommend this? Yes, easy recommendation.

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Very nice! The 10/10 rating with the cashew milk sounds awesome (also looks like better mixing compared to regular milk and water), love that you tried it with a few different liquids… well done.

Happy that you were able to digest it just fine, this is one of the biggest benefits to me seeing as how a large population has at least some intolerance to lactose.

Appreciate your time reviewing this and the last line says it all "Yes, easy recommendation." Posting this up to IG as we speak.


Appreciate the review!

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Anytime! Was a good experience!