Free Samples of NutraBio's PISTACHIO DELIGHT Classic Whey!

Free Samples of NutraBio's PISTACHIO DELIGHT Classic Whey!

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It’s time for another Free sample from NutraBio! This time it’s the brand new Pistachio Delight flavor of Classic Whey! NutraBio’s giving away free samples in the US of their brand new Classic Whey Pistachio Delight flavor! NutraBio and PricePlow have been teaming up to offer free samples on the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Yum! Thanks again PP and NutraBio!

I signed up for the sample of the Orange Cream and never received it. It’s probably just a ploy to get you to give up your email so they can bombard you with emails.

You do know you can ask us to talk to customer service and see what happened right?

They haven’t been in business for 24 years scamming people lol

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Most of us always get our samples. If this is your first time posting, are you just venting frustration that you didn’t get something for nothing?

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I’ve only been following the site for less than 2 months so no I didn’t know that and the sample of the Orange Cream was the 1st time I had signed up for anything here and just mentioned that I didn’t get my sample but I have gotten a ton of emails. No need to jump all over me over a simple statement.

I don’t think we need more Redcon1’s :smile::smile:


Not jumping on you all. It was a serious question.

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I will do some dirty things for some samples of this… please tell me I didn’t miss out. :grimacing:

I thought you weren’t interested in more NutraBio posts

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Haha. Even Tom Brady got tired of his own team…

Cody welcome to the forums - I got you!! When you signed up, did you use the email address you’re using here on the forums?

I checked that email, and you do have a user account in the main PP system, but there was never a free sample “entry” made for you or sent to NutraBio!

I’m not sure where the problem went down. We use Gravity Forms for these free samplers and it’s pretty rock-solid technology.

So please message me with your full address and I’ll make sure you get some stuff from them and will reference this thread. This one’s on us man, sorry!!!


Got one, the Pistachio Delight sounds like a unique flavor. I love pistachio ice cream, so I hope they didn’t fuck the flavor up. And since my travel tub of samples is full, I decided to try one of my NutraBio Pre samples in Blue Raspberry for an upper workout. They expired in 12/19 anyhow, haha.

Having said that, the NutraBio PRE flavor is good given that I don’t really like blue raspberry that much. Powder still in good shape even thought it’s expired. Just noticed that the caffeine is a bit high. Hope I ain’t too crashed out for the Dokken/George Lynch concert and a dozen mixed drinks tonight, LMAO…

I wish i saw this earlier, I just gave a sample of the orange cream to my cousin this morning. Dont worry you didn’t miss anything. It was bad.

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I’m interested in anything Pistachio flavored :wink: Even if it was from Redcon1…


I get Price Plow emails sent to [personal email redacted], I’m at work so I think it logged me into with my work Gmail instead of my personal email.

See if you can see anything through that email, as I’m not sure how to send you a direct email because I don’t want to post my address in the forum.

Thanks for the help Mike

OK that one we DID get and send to NutraBio. I’ll hit them up and make sure you get an Orange Dream!!


Please check your personal email - have some good news coming for you, although they’re out of Orange Dream. Gotta confirm your zip code, I think that was the problem


Are these shipping from PSI Systems inc. in Middlesex ,NJ ?

shipping from Middlesex NJ, yes.

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