Four Blood Tests EVERYONE Should Get | Shawn Wells

Four Blood Tests EVERYONE Should Get | Shawn Wells

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With all the chatter on this forum about berberine, and now this video, it’s sounding like we should be taking berberine as a standard daily supp.

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No, all ldl particles are associated with atherosclerosis and heart disease, some studies have found a stronger correlation with smaller ldl particles but the majority do not

As for the Eskimo point, they live on average to about 70, and still suffer from a high amount of heart disease

Cholesterol in elderly populations is correlated with longer life, but not in the general populations, with the elderly I honestly think that has to do with eating enough, I’ve worked with people who can’t chew or swallow food, or that have such poor appetites they struggle even to drink a bottle of ensure.
This study looking at bmi found being in the lower range of normal weight was associated with greater all cause mortality, being above that wasn’t correlated with greater risk until a bmi of 33, but I don’t think anyone is going to make the case that having a BMI of 30 is healthy

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Don’t look at that Eskimo study. I don’t get the correlation with diet when they smoked and noted they smoked. The men had the higher risk and are the ones who smoked more.



I started doing this with just two caps of Outbreak Nutrition’s Adapt each day with my multivitamins. I always forget to take them when eating. Getting better at it though.

When I was keto’ing I was afraid of taking berberine, but it still seems beneficial. I haven’t researched the mechanisms/pathways and how it’d assist insulin when ketotic

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Improved insulin sensitivity=Good
Increased insulin=bad
The body can’t use fat well while insulin is elevated.

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Good thinking. My trainer has me in high-ish carb (300g) and low-ish fat (85g) right now; so it will probably be good for me. Plus I have a crap ton I need to use up. I bought a bulk bag from bulksupplements, and capped all of it (I recommend just spending the extra :moneybag: and buy pre-capped :laughing:) .


Looks like a pretty solid GDA. At over $1/dose it’s definitely not practical for something to be taken frequently though :frowning: .


Ya, I want GDAs to be price at like .25 cents a dose