Formulate a supplement for yourself

Simple enough. Create something that you, personally, would like to see on the market. Something custom suited to your tastes. If you want, explain your choices and your exclusions.

We have a fair few backseat formulators as well as Actual formulators on the boards here, I think it’d be fun.

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I’ll start, unless someone types way faster than me.

25g Cluster-Dextrin + 25g other less expensive carb source, WMS is fine
10g whey isolate
5g leucine
2g PeakO2
2g potassium
1g sodium
Maybe some LCLT too but that’s really just icing on top.

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Low dose whey + added leucine. Nice. I used and enjoyed low dose WPH with added leucine for a while (IntraMax had that combo). Either that or EAAs + added leucine is my go-to intra-workout amino preference. I tolerate Gatorade powder for carbs fine, so I save some money using that over fancy carb sources, plus it covers flavoring too. Toss in a gram or two of taurine for good measure and that’s probably enough for me most of the time as far as intra-workouts go.

I tolerate it just fine, I just don’t know that shotgunning 50-60g of pure sugar is necessarily what I wanna do.

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The following study was admittedly supported in part by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, but it seemed to find that 6g EAAs + 675ml of a 6% carbohydrate drink (Gatorade), which I think is 35-40g carbs, was superior to EAAs or carbs alone (and superior to placebo, of course) in regards to increasing strength and fat-free mass, but did not lead to an increase in fat mass (placebo, EAA, carbs, and combo groups actually all lost fat mass, and, while there was no significant difference in fat mass between groups, the combination group actually lost a bit more fat mass than any other group).

So if you concern is regarding body composition, I don’t know if I’d sweat having Gatorade intra-workout if you tolerate it well. But that’s just me.

Pre Workout

B vitamin complex (top quality)

8gr L-Citruline
1.5gr Agmatine Sulfate (Agmass)
2.5gr Arginine Nitrate
1gr Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
3gr GlycerPump
600mg Vaso6
10mg Vanadyl Sulfate

250mg Gynema Sylvestre (carbs before workout)

4gr Beta Alanine
5gr Betapure
5gr Taurine
2gr Creatinol O Phosphate
2gr Creatine Magnapower
2gr Creatine Mono
1gr elevatp
4gr Peak O2
4gr Ornithine HCL

3gr L-Tyrosine
2gr Alpha GPC (50%)
400mg Cocoabuterol
200mg Theobromine (99%)
300gr Caffeine Citrate (50%)
200gr Caffeine Anhydrous
50mg Isopropylnorsynepherine
2.5mg Alpha Y
400mg Eria Jarensis
100mg Hordenine

1gr Aquamin
1gr KSM-66 (Ash.)

Astragin 75mg
ActiGin 75mg
Bioperine 15mg

Of course this is “day dreaming”. It would need a massive work on flavoring.

And please 30 servings haha

Creatine + goodies formula

Creapure 4gr
Creatine Magnapower 2gr
Betapure 6gr
Epicatechin 400mg
Laxosterone 200mg
KSM-66 1gr
Peak O2 4gr
Vaso6 1gr
Phosphatidic Acid 1.5gr
Phosphatidyl Serine 1.5gr
Cocoabuterol 500mg
Elevatp 1gr
100mg AstraGin
20mg Bioperine

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6g citrulline
1g malic acid
1.5g AgmaPure
3g Betaine Nitrate
600mg Vaso6
508mg AmealPeptide
2g pink salt
6g goBHB
2g taurine
2g tyrosine
2g Peak02
200 mg caffeine anhydrous
100mg Caffeine Citrate
30mg Noopept
100mg Astragin

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Who formulates on here?

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Because I’m trying to become a supplement minimalist…

Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg)
Tyrosine (300mg)
Citruline (6g)
Agmatine Sulfate (1.5g)
Arginine Nitrate (2.5g)
Beatine (2g)
Beta Alanine (4g)
Peak O2 (1.5g)
DMAA (1g)
Carnitine 3g (all 3 forms dosed at 1000mg each - I don’t eat much red meat)

EAA (7g)
GBB (500mg)
Creatine (CreaPure) (5g)

A whey isolate that taste like a molten chocolate cake, with pecans and ice cream, yet has 0g of fat and 0g of carbs…

I…can’t tell if I’m supposed to be laughing? lol


That’s a real doozy there, usually DMAA is dosed at less than 100mg.

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Price: $350 per 30 servings, eh?

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I’m guessing he meant DMAE?

That’s what I’m wondering

we have some SUGGESTERS lol

Hahaha! DMAE. Sorry for the autocorrect!



Vitamin C 500mg
2.5g Arginine Nitrate
5g HydroMax/GlycerPump
1.5g Nitrosigine
1g Sea Salt

My intra would probably be like…

Low Dose Hydrolyzed Casein
Cluster Dextrin