FDN Reps on Here?

FDN Reps on Here?

Haha! Appreciate that. Just had to ask!


FDN is an incredible system for affiliate sales. He kills it. His video reviews are getting better (especially with his kid) but he’s admitted to me that his writer kind of sucks- which was the culprit for this “top” article.

That Sabbath account cracks me up every time.


This person recently commented on the Ghost Chips Ahoy video…and the plot thickens :joy:


I felt weird answering it. lol

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Yah - not the type of people I’d prefer to engage in conversation. Can’t wait for a future employer to find that one for that user. Hah.

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He asked an engaging question so I went with it. I’m not crazy knowing he’s sharing our links around starting drama.

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Heavy lies the crown. You gotta respond to everyone! : )


Unfortunately. Not my first social media gig, or my only one. It ain’t always sunshine and butterflies…Or in this case it ain’t always non-prop products and great tasting flavors.

Sometimes it’s getting ripped for saying the new C4 is improved.


Its not always Kreme!!


Hey…maybe that man just accidentally smacked his girl with a Cream filled Long John from Dunkin’ Donuts?! :joy: (ps those were my favorite donut as a kid)