FDN Reps on Here?

FDN Reps on Here?

If so, I have some serious questions about this list of rankings.

BPI Best BCAAs is ranked the #2 BCAA product for 2019?!


Should be 1st place, label clearly states it’s the best bcaa duh


Interesting list. Not sure how Machine Fuel wasn’t mentioned Nor Xtend


Or a hundred other bcaa products. Lol
Glanbia brands (ON and BSN) made the top 10 also…


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I enjoy his reviews but the lists are a bit puzzling

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It’s pay for play. 100%.


Matt, why does he get away with not disclosing his paid promotions/ affiliations? I see that Mike always discloses them

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Someone writes you a check to have them atop a list - hard to say no.

But if you disclose you’re being paid to have something ranked - you lose all credibility.

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Similar situation could be
Rep X,Y or Z says this is the best preworkout, which is the pre-workout from their brand.

Trying to get someone on a neutral playing field promoting the best products (to their liking without any affiliation or paid advertising) is a far shot now and days.

as we all know… Money Sells…
So does holding bang between an influencer’s tits but we will save that conversation for another day :slight_smile:


Yeah he had assassin as his number 1 pre at one point and if I remember correctly on his deal page he had a FDN specific promo code for it.


The man provides a good service, but he is very much in for the :bread:


Also, for the value, MyProtein is untouchable. $60 for 5kg is ridiculous.

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Folks companies pay to have their search results appear near the top of a Google search.

You’re all smart enough to realize that you take what you hear/read with a grain of (Himalayan sea) salt

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Don’t get me wrong it’s a cost effective product.The flavoring is left to be desired and no way it’s the #1 best protein. I rather pay extra money for a great tasting and 3rd party tester product. We are all entitled to how we want to spend our money and rank as we see fit.


To be fair, they have been 3rd party tested. https://labdoor.com/rankings/protein

That said, taste is definitely lacking.


Labdoor is an absolute joke as far as rankings and testing go. To take anything off that webpage with a grain of salt is not worth our time. They rank spiked proteins well above other tested products

Validity not even once.

This is word for word what the CEO said on another board

CEO of LabDoor here.


A supplement that claims 30g of protein and delivers 25g will beat one that claims 20g of protein and delivers 20g.

Just LOL


Huh, hadn’t heard that.


I used to hold labdoor in high esteem. Rookie consumers will, because it looks credible.

Such a joke.

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