FDA Warns Against Concentrated Caffeine (Pure Powder & Liquids)

Originally published at: FDA Warns Against Concentrated Caffeine (Pure Powder & Liquids)

Is caffeine of all things the next on the FDA’s radar? And if so, what do they consider “excessive” enough to be “adulterated”? Caffeine Powder (and any form of ‘concentrated’ caffeine) has effectively been banned by the FDA. Our biggest issue? The FDA doesn’t define what is ‘excessive’, leaving the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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I would see this as reasonable, the easiest way to respond would be to either sell it in capsules or to mix it with something that would make servings more accurate(ie something that does not pack as easily and making it a 20% caffeine powder) or selling it with an accurate syringe for measuring liquid amounts.

If you can make dosing reasonably accurate they seem to have no issue. Either that or don’t include a scoop and tell people to measure it with a scale.

Unless hooligan is causing a large amount of side effects its likely safe, that said I think the industry should move toward disclosure of amounts of stimulants for safety reasons, for some people even a half scoop of some preworkouts is going to be too much.

Its not going to take a lot for the FDA to crack down on that kind of stuff.

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Why not full disclosure? :slight_smile:

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Lmao…In with the cheeky comment

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Was kinda emulating: Por que no los dos! - YouTube


This thread got me thinking about the caffeine pills of old. Do they still sell No-Doz ? I haven’t looked for those things in years…LOL

I buy Jet Alert at Wallyworld. 90 caps at 200 mgs each for $3-4. It’s kind of a hold over from the ECA days. Sadly in my state they passed a law requiring a prescription for OTC ephedrine HCL products. Anyhow, it’s a lot easier to pop 2-3 jet alerts a day than mixing some shit up. I just skip one in place of a PRE on workout day. Or add one to a low stim preworkout.

That was a terrible surprise for me last July when I was visiting Oregon and got a sinus infection :frowning:

I could probably get some if I wanted it. However, I’m not sure if it’s illegal to buy it or just possess here, probably both, hahaha. ECA stack worked better for me than anything else, but at 46 years old I probably don’t need to be using that shit. Wonder how it would have worked on keto? Anyhow, I’ve got so much stockpiled from the Muscletech testing program that I’ll probably never use it all, LMAO…