FDA Dings Four CBD Companies... Fire Up the Theories

FDA Dings Four CBD Companies... Fire Up the Theories

Sorry folks, but CBD is not going to happen as a dietary supplement or dietary ingredient.

As ridiculous as this sounds, the DEA considers it a Schedule 1 drug.

FDA’s Press Release:

And the warning letters:

Looks like Axis Labs is off the hook… for now at least!

Now I wonder who was behind all this…!


Schedule 1…right up there with heroin. smdh

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Anything to give Big Pharma the upperhand smh. Doesn’t matter the overwhelming amount of anecdotal/personal first hand experience the masses have seen. They don’t care about us in the end, but want us to trust them


Does this mean all the work Compound Solutions is currently doing to bring a CBD supp to market is all for naught?


Unless they try to take on the US GOV like Hi tech did, most likely so. Indiana has already banned it outright, but I do believe there is one exception for having it. I’ll have to look into the ruling again


Mike, Didn’t this happen a while ago? I’ve been seeing this pop up in multiple groups but I thought the FDA did this like, months ago.


Check the date of the original post.


Damnit. Thanks man


Ha, it keeps popping back up though… I think the battle is going to continue because the government should take a stance on what “marijuana” truly means. Rick Collins was going to write up a legal opinion, or so he said here. Maybe it’s out already? I’d be curious to see what it says.

Long story short, there’s money to be made in them hills so people (many with ‘less to lose’) will be trying to find ways in before it’s “too late”.