Favorite Supplement Company That Gets no Love?

We tend to converse about the more well known supp companies that make waves in the industry. There are also companies out there releasing great products that you don’t hear about as much, whether they target a different audience or are just small in general. What is a lesser known company you like and some products from them that you utilize?

My pick as a stim junkie would be Centurion Labz. They have preworkouts to cover all the bases, with AMP Citrate (God of War) DMAA (God of Rage) and DMHA (God of Rage Reloaded). Not sure if they’re all still being produced, but either way, they are relatively easy to locate at online retailers. Their PWOs are continually in my arsenal of go-to’s. I’m looking forward to hearing other opinions.

Controlled labs

Quality products , affordable prices
Amazing fishoil and multi which I have used for years

New white flash is awesome and blue sugar looks awesome I have a bottle on the way

PW is a old but still great EAA product


Centurian is still producing their Amp C pre workouts. I have a few tubs, decent stuff.

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Hopefully they are, but both God of Wars (red and black) are no longer on Centurion’s website. You can still find them on other sites though.

Used to love RivalUS back in the day. EFX Sports has some good stuff. PE Science has very good items…Legion Athletics…BK mentioned Controlled Labs.

As a Consumer we are lucky - lots of really good choices out there.


I would have said Blackstone but to be honest the way they run the business is rather meh with the insane price their website has and the aggressive marketing with their athletes.

I liked the jason stuff but he likely isn’t coming back at this point, which I am fine with, but pj ended up making a huge ass out of himself on one of the podcast over someone correcting one of his spelling errors (https://youtu.be/6hjmHBOcABU?t=14m30s) and I stopped following them after that.

So the award goes to BSN who has actuly been doing some good stuff recently, like the new endorush, the protein crisp and allegedly the new syntha-6s.

Their profiles are messy but usually well dosed

Alternatively NOW who just provides allot of products at decent prices

I like the AskPJ series, I listen to them sometimes while shaving my head haha.

NOW is a great mention here, I forgot about them. They make EVERYTHING and are very seldom mentioned anywhere. Their Whey Isolate toffee caramel fudge flavor is great, and I have purchased several of their vitamins/minerals over the years.

NOW Foods for me. Whenever I need a specific vitamin, mineral, herb, etc… they always have my back.

You can buy them in bulk and make some “home-made” versions of other products.


+1 for Now Foods for their bulk stuff, vitamins, and herbs. Their unflavored whey protein isolate can’t be beat, either (it’s the only protein powder I use). Plus their containers are great for storing all your homemade products that Matt mentioned :laughing:!


Chaos and Pain.

Their fatburners and pres are just a mass of stims, but Helios is an amazing product, Hypnos works great and is the only powdered sleep aid I’ve had that actually tastes good, and their strawberry cheesecake whey is absolutely delicious


I’ve got two of their pre’s unopened at the moment that I’ll be trying soon. Looks like hard stuff

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