Favorite stimulant?

Favorite stimulant?


So what’s everyone’s favorite stimulant?

For me I am going with Yomhimbe hcl, due to its relatively unique mechanisms , potency as a fat burner and the nice aggressive feeling when used right.


Good ol caffeine. It either enhances or works synergistic with all other stims but doesn’t need them for its own effects.


High dose Alpha-Y or DMHA. I like my aggressive stims


I’m with @Adidasshorts on this. Though I don’t thoroughly understand when caffeine does and doesn’t work on me (e.g. I can drink coffee in the afternoon and take a nap like it was nothing), it has the most notable effect of any supp I take, stim or otherwise.


AMP Citrate


Waits for…‘bruh…black coffee is all I need bruh’…

Honestly…I can tell you what supplements work…and if I were to delve a little further I’d probably say teacrine with caffeine…I welcome the sustained effects


I was actually waiting for someone to drop Dynamine as a stand alone ingredient to combine with caffeine. I don’t know whether the raws “BulkStimulants” sell are legitimate or not. Anyone have an opinion on this?


I believe the PP folks here did a video on it. I know that the new DVST8 is rolling out with it next week.


Oh I know my man! I’m talking the legitimacy of the site, not the ingredient. I had the MDRN athlete preworkout samples a few days ago and it combines Teacrine+Dynamine+Caffeine and it felt fantastic. But I’m trying to cut out a big portion of the artificial colors/flavors when not needed. They definitely haven’t been doing so good on my gut. This includes food, not just supplements lol so no one comes at me with that statement :joy:


Agreed. Harder to find today, but any AMP preworkout I’ve ever used has given me clean energy and long lasting focus, unlike that of DMHA and DMAA. I’m currently using Centurion Labz God of War Black which has a good dose of AMP. DMHA is a close second for. I like the initial feelings of DMAA but it makes me crash fairly quickly.


Let’s be honest guys, the closer it is to amphetamine the better. If they could put adderall in preworkout they would, people STILL talk about craze.
My top 3
Real ephedra/ephedrine




Took me a second to remember why this sounded familiar


I’ve been playing around with teacrine and dynamine in my PRE. Normally after my main powerlifts I’m pretty gassed for the accessories. Haven’t had that issue lately.


I’m loving the Dynamine CS gave me. Puts me in-tune with my body and I seem to get productive. Much better than TeaCrine imo.

AMP Citrate was one of the more “hardcore” stims I enjoyed over the years.

I’m not counting my drug/stim experiences in my later teen/early twenties. Those are on a totally different level lol… and not recommended of course.


Ephedra is real in today’s supplements, strictly ephedrine is what you’re talking about. Ephedra is legal, ephedrine is not any longer :joy: still love it


I LOVE that combo…NutraBio Pre V6 :wink:


I’m well aware of what you are talking about. As you see I named ephedrine and by"real ephedra" I meant cira Y2K. I really enjoy hi-techs current ephedra but it is nowhere near what it used to be. It’s now the equivalent of decaff coffee but I bet you know all this too.