Favorite preworkout of 2018, so far

Favorite preworkout of 2018, so far


The 2017 was annoying me so I’m usurping the old thread.

Me personally I am really liking endorush, it has a really good mix of pumps, stims and creatine. Regularly under 20$ on amazon.
The pump is the area I really like with 1.5 grams of citruline and arginine, the combo increases blood levels more then a straight 3 grams of either, and its topped off with a gram of creatine nitrate. I’m guessing this is their attempt at a C4 killer and its working.


As of today I’ll go with TotalWar and Legion Pulse
Would like to try:
The new version of PreExtreme
MTS Clash


Haven’t tried anything brand spanking new, but my most recent favorites have been

SuperPump MAX
Quake 10.0
C4 Ultimate


MegaPre is a really strong contender, I’ve been liking it a LOT.


MegaPre has no stims correct?


Yup. But it gives the nastiest pumps, and I just feel more energized with it. Not sure if it’s the D-ribose or what, but it seems like I can go for a lot longer with it.


Is there a new version out? Or is this still the stuff that’s several years old? I loved that stuff but haven’t used it in a long time.


You guy’s are going to cost me money…I’m giving Mega Pre a shot…


The new MTS Clash is pretty damn good. I really like the Rainbow Sherbet flavor and would love to the new grape flavor soon.


One I was skeptical on was Ntel Pharma’s Mega-Arez. I got it in yesterday and used it for the first time. Something about the synergy of the ingredients makes you feel other worldly. The dosing for a few of the ingredients doesn’t make sense on paper but translates really well in the gym. Something about the lotus leaf and chinese skullcap…


I’ll have to give it a shot


I may give Mega Pre a shot. For a non stim, it’s better dosed although I would rather see a drop in betaine and maybe another cognitive enhancer added.

Mega-Arez i wouldn’t buy.

Maybe we will see Vaso-6 in more pwo this year which I am more interested in trying alone.


Vaso6 is one of my favorite new comers to the world of NO enhancers, that and Vaso-drive


The Seth Feroce review or discussion of it on YouTube is not only funny but interesting…and informative.

I saw other reviews that said the same - that it does provide ‘energy’ without being stimmed out…


Yes sir! The same one is still kicking and does very well.


As of today I’ll go with TotalWar and Legion Pulse
Would like to try:
The new version of PreExtreme
MTS Clash

The New Reformulated Nutrabio PRE Extreme is Power Packed!
You are gonna love it man :slight_smile:


@Kon_Rock I saw something about Mark testing out some newer stims for another formula? Will we be seeing yet another iteration of Pre? Personally, i love it as is


Thank you KR…are there samples of the new formula available?


Right now, the PRE you see will be pretty much the formulation for the foreseeable future. However, PRE-Extreme and the other pre-workouts are not locked into anything!


Let me see if we have any made… @Extrabeef ???