Favorite Pre-workout of 2017....so far

Favorite Pre-workout of 2017....so far

Hey all, glad to be part of the forum! I’ve been testing a few preworkouts lately (most recently Re1gn) and I’m looking for a new powerful stim preworkout to try. What is your favorite preworkout of 2017 so far?


The best tasting one and its well dosed that I have had is Beyond Raw Lit, gummy worm flavor. They got the taste nailed on this one. I also loved how GameDay by Man Sports worked but the taste was horrible.


Currently I’m using Legion Athletics Pulse / I like it. This is my 2nd tub. Honestly though I’m a ‘system guy’. I prefer to think as little as possible when it comes to supplements and thus always wander back to Pre/Post Jym or PreCre/AminoFlow.

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Have you tried Total War by RedCon1?


I have not used Redcon1 - but have heard/read good things.


Re1gn is definitely my favorite, followed by Kraken and Total War. Performanx HyperMax is one I’d like to get my hands on though. I have a sample of RXS Radiate on the way that seems to get pretty good reviews too.


Never have used Redcon1. If someone has a sample of it, I will try it.


@ Brawn and SteelerBill13

I can send you some or you can hit this link -> https://blog.priceplow.com/free-supplement-samples/redcon1-total-war and try to get some through PP. If you want to go trough RedCon1, they will charge shipping…here is their link -> https://redcon1.com/products/total-war-free-samples


Awesome thank you. Greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks. I tried to get a free sample of their stuff thru Price Plow but I never received or heard anything.

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Thanks @mattceno I have actually been meaning to try out Total War that was one of the next options on my list. I was just waiting for a good sale to pop up :smiley:

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Thanks @blongo804! I have been hoping to get my hands on the new HyperMax too. I was hoping PP would give away some samples of it but haven’t seen anything yet :frowning: Let me know how you like RXS Radiate I’m not too familiar with that pre


@Brsieff Nice! They see to always have a deal going on!

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@Brawn Try going through the RedCon1 site (they will charge $1.99 for shipping)


I can send you some as well :wink:


Re1gn so far #1, I went through a bottle of Hypermax XT and that one was really good, except for the taste, but they recently released the updated version which is suppose to take care of the taste. I think the guys here at PP thought otherwise. Radiate also stands out as a cutting pre-workout! That thing made my vacation cut much easier with appetite suppression


To continue the subject. I’m all for pre-workouts. Hell I’m 49, married with a 7.5 year old at home and travel a lot. I not only need something to ‘get me going’ (not from a motivational perspective - I have that) and helps me better perform in the gym. I don’t mind stims (300 MG of caffeine is my max) but really don’t want anything that cracks me out. If that makes sense.

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I’ll definitely be posting up a review of Radiate right here on the forum. Fingers crossed it manages to arrive today for tomorrow’s training. :smiley:


If it does then you can use it today, tmrw, Saturday, and Sunday :wink:



Man now i’m even more excite! :smiley: