Favorite new supplement of 2017

@M3NTAL , I’ve yet to try BrainBridge. The label does look pretty solid, I only have a few qualms with some doses / forms of the ingredients. We’ve reached out to MAN several times when writing the post for input or feedback as well as to get a few tubs to review, but each time haven’t received a response. Guess we’ll get around to buying it and trying it soon then.

@SteelerBill13, I only use stims pre workout. I don’t really have a need / desire for stims other than that. I’m pretty alert and focused naturally, so have never felt the need to embrace habitual caffeine usage just to get work done / concentrate. That being said, the focus effects of NootropiMax last fairly long and it’s made me incredibly productive after my training sessions ends, which is in the early afternoon. Typically, I’m not as productive in that slot as I’ve been plugging and chugging all morning long, and ready for a break. However, when using NootropiMax or ATP Aspire / Focus XT I’m much more productive than normal in the afternoons / early evening.

However, I do use some non-caffeinated noots in the mornings when I’m looking to really “get lost” in a nootropic article or other research intensive project.

As for “stellar PP YouTube videos”, that’s just how I naturally am, hahaha…for better or worse. Greatly appreicate the feedback and looking forward to your responses!


Thank you Robert. I just watched the video review of it as well. I appreciate the feedback.


Still repping for them?

I have found that with my travel schedule (on a plane 2-3 weeks out of the month) that utilizing stims (whether pre’s or Nootropics with stims) do help. I don’t rely on them but they can provided an extra-added benefit. I ordered Nootropimax based on the video and other information I read about it (thank you DPS Nutriton) . I look forward to trying it out.

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Yes of course.

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Report back, when you tried your new ISO flavours!

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Oh if you’re a MAN Sports rep I gotta flair you up. Please confirm that’s what you were talkin about, right?


Yes, I am on bodybuilding.com forums, however I came here on my own matters as a personal choice

Flair me up? Sorry not familiar with the term. Are you asking me for nudes?


Well yeah ;), but I really meant that we’ll mark you as a MAN Sports Rep so people know, per our rules.

The term “flair up” I think comes from Reddit, like if you try to chat on the college football board without a team logo, people will bitch at ya. So as a rep, you gotta wear your flair



Flavor, not exactly a product… but still new in 2017!


reps gonna reps


Have you had it yet? Cookies & Cream is a tough one. PES Select was my favorite still. Looking for someone to beat it!

I know Sandy did a review of the Quattro - were you able to try the half baked cookies and cream? I really enjoy it. My palate likes it more than anything from PES.

Have you tried MTS Cookies & Cream? I believe I’ve seen your review of mint and PB C&C, but not for the original. It’s sooo good. I love all the MTS C&C and my fiance is hooked as well. :smiley:

I may be in the minority here but I do like ProJym C&C.

PES is very good as well.

Have any new All-in-one Ergo supplements come out this year? I’ve tried TR1UMPH, Ergonine and Powermax XT (Pre-whey revision) .

Not yet, but I’ll be sure to report back on the findings. We’ll also see if there will be an opportunity to hook some forum members up!

Not new, but have you tried iForce Finish Line? Sherbet flavor was great.

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That is the only one I didn’t try. I think I mentioned it elsewhere, but I’ve been stacking Ghost Size + Endless Carb Free. I’d like something like that in one container. Inspired has their flavor game on lock.

All in one Ergo supplements? What does that bring to the table if I’m taking pre and post workout drinks? Thank you