Favorite new supplement of 2017

What was new this year that you really enjoyed in someway?

For me - the following new products are re-buy’s for me.

Inspired Nutra - Endless (Excellent flavor and solid profile) - I believe LGND and CR3 are older, or else I’d include them.

Gaspari Nutrition - Plasma Jet - (Long lasting pump)

Ghost - Size (Nice profile and mixes well)

Compound Solutions - Peak02 (I think it was Mike who reviewed it - my experiences matched his. Mixed into Endless and the taste is really non-issue for me)

I’m personally always looking for a well-dosed “every day” supplement like Ergonine that doesn’t taste like crap or upset my stomach.


Pretty good list. Haven’t tried all of the products unfortunately, but definitely some great ones on there.

Not sure how new it is but I tried Dymatize proteins for the first time this year. So glad I did. They are the most tasteful.
And my test rabbit is loving the SARMS…:slight_smile:

Black Lion Research’s Follidrone 2.0. Hands down the best 60 day sup purchase to date.

Oh let’s see - off the top of my head and in-between calls:

Ruckus by MTS (the old version not the new one)
D-Pol by Purus Labs (really nice pumps)
Peak Physicor by MTS (crazy from an endurance perspective)
Tru-Multi by PE Science - the KSM66 works well
Celucor Cor Whey cinnamon swirl (mixed with Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal - unreal)

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I’ve got that same flavor for Cor-Whey but never tried mixing. What sorta ratios do you use for oatmeal to powder? Gonna have to try that out

Honestly Anthony I use the Quaker Oats ready made packs of Maple and Brown Sugar - one pack + one scoop of Cor Whey

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Got 'em both laying around, that’s my go-to oatmeal too. Gonna give it a try tonight, thanks!

It’s a game-changer…Ok maybe a bit dramatic…but it’s really good.

The PES Tru-Multi is nice - it replaced Anavite for me this year. I could be fine going with either though. KSM66 is beginning to appear in so many different supplements now.

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Appreciate the PlasmaJet love! I’d have to agree on that one as a 2017 favorite… unique N.O. product that works very, very well.

My list: Gaspari PlasmaJet, Quake 10.0, and Myokem’s reformulated line.

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I really wanted to love Quake 10.0, but it just hasn’t won me over. The flavor can’t mask the PeakO2. I like PES Prolific quite a bit though. It is nothing over the top, but just gives me a solid workout. Cotton Candy flavor is pretty good too.

Which flavor of Quake did you have? I thought the Watermelon Bubble Gum flavor was excellent.

Quake, Reign, PlasmaJet, came quickly to mind for newish products, also really enjoy the FitJoy Lemon bars.

Also loved the samples of the new iForce preworkout I had, it should be releasing soon. Best non DMAA pre I ever had.


I had the Lemon Drop flavor.

I’m still on the fence with RE1GN. DMHA is a no-go for me. DMAA is alright though.

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Yeah, I had some interesting times with Xtend Perform. Legit lower heart rate!!

I may have mentioned it a lot in here so far, but Re1gn and Endur3 from Olympus Labs have been great for me.

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MAN Sports Brainbridge

Besides that, I haven’t had any other supps that were released in 2017, hence my list is short.

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FAR too many to list, haha…but a few that immediately jump to mind:

Performax Labs NootropiMax
Primeval Labs Ape Shit – something about this thing ALWAYS works for me
Granite Supplements Arc Reactor
Primeval EAA Max – best tasting aminos on the market bar none.


Robert - you’ll need to compare NootropiMax to Brainbridge. Comparing the labels - they both look solid!

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Robert are you using NootropiMax only pre or other times during the week? (i.e. prior to a stellar PP YouTube video)