Favorite ab work?

Favorite ab work?


Self explanatory, I’m looking for new stuff.

My favorite is this one called Don’t Get Fuckin Folded In Half. The way it works is, you load up 90%+ of your squat or DL 1RM, you do the respective movement, and you don’t get fuckin folded in half. It’s pretty tough.

I also like hanging leg raises though.

Especially interested in @Extrabeef s response, as he seems to be one of the few other powerlifters here


No shortage of creative (to say the least) exercises from Ulisses


Wow, his hip flexors must be jacked with all that hip flexor work he’s doing


My core work is not for vanity as much as it is for being able to stand with 700lbs, but its 20 minutes of:
Weighted russian twists (landmine, arms extended in front, going from side to side)
weighted planks
Farmer walks
cable ab crunches (very westside here)
heavy holds on belt squat machine


I just read your “Don’t Get Fuckin Folded In Half” and laughed pretty hard. Most days, that’s my core work