Everyone is Different, Let's Talk!

Everyone is Different, Let's Talk!


Let’s talk training styles. Workout splits, rep/set schemes, rest times, FITT principle, time under tension, explosive, half reps, etc. Anything really. I’m interested in how everyone trains whether it be bodybuilding style, powerlifting, sports/athletic, marathon, strongman.
I’m a powerlifter so I do a 4 day split.
Day 1 Squat/Deadlift Heavy
Day 2 Bench press/ OHP Heavy
Day 3 Squat/Deadlift light with accessories
Day4 Bench Press/OHP light with accessories

I do more volume work and I would say bodybuilding movements on Day 3/4 just so my muscles can keep up with the strength I gain.

Interested to hear how you guys train and if you would change anything about my split.


I just completed my workout for the day. Athlean-X. Five rounds of… 1. 40 pushups, 2. 12 pullups 3. 1min. plank. This is your rest period. I am spent.


I’m 49 and have been training for a long time. Today I belong to the Renegade Strength Club over at Jason Ferruggia’s site and am on his programs. (usually a 4 day split)…and also utilize and love Joe DeFranco’s training programs.


How is that? I’ve read a lot of good things about program


I have been training at home since my kids were born and have done p90x with Horton and many others but Jeff Cavalier in his Athlean training is very good. Money well spent.


No kidding? Talk about an active rest lol


Hey man, well good job on still being in the gym!
As for the programs your’re doing is it more a strength based? Or is it like a type of workout that will just keep you healthy and moving? Would love to hear more about it! I’ll do some more research on those 2 later after classes!


Definitely research them.

Joe D is a legend - he trains professional athletes and his programs are based on West Side and focused on making you stronger. Jason Ferruggia (and his website) is focused on older guy’s (35+) that are looking to get stronger while not beating themselves up. Both are great. Best I’ve felt. Training for me is like a drug - I need to do it.

Mix that with constantly looking for the best supplements to support that focus.


Done several rounds of X and its sequels over the years since first getting into fitness. How does Athlean-X compare?

Also, which version of Athlean are you doing? There’s several different ones I think.


Over the years of training, I found that my body always responds best when I hit the same bodypart at least twice within 7 days. I just never responded good without hitting a bodypart once a week. I am currently doing the Titan training system. It’s a 4 day split, Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday. I have Wednesday and the weekends off right now.
Mondays are Heavy Base Training on lower body and Volume training on Upper Body.
Tuesdays are Heavy Base Training on Upper Body and Volume Training on Lower Body
Thursday - Muscle Rounds - Lower Body & Chest
Friday - Muscle Rounds - Upper Body

Muscle Rounds are where you pick a weight you can do 8-10 reps with and do 4 reps with 10 seconds rest and you do this for 6 rounds. That is 1 set. You do 4 sets of this

So it looks like this…
4 reps, 10 second rest, 4 reps, 10 second rest, 4 reps, 10 second rest, 4 reps, 10 second rest, 4 reps, 10 second rest, 4 reps, 10 second rest and that is 1 set.


X is not so much jumping around stressing on the joints. It is more like training like an athlete, knowing how to move and push yourself. He has a lot dynamic moves in X1 to shred you up. X2 he is more into weights but in both programs you are not pushing a lot of weight. a lot of reps in the 10-12 range at your max to get to the 10-12. He makes you fail at most body weight moves and incorporates band work as well. I am just finishing up on X2 and then going into his Xtinction training. Do one move such as push up to failure, rest 30sec. then back to failure again until you cant reach the xtinction number which he specifies. He has it set up really well.


I’m 46 and going to have to check out Ferruggia’s site.


What you’ll find is that the training is focused on making you stronger while not beating you up. It takes getting used to especially if you are accustomed to always being sore after workouts. As an aside I know that he worked with Kurt Warner…

New workouts are introduced every 60-90 days and are great. The Forum there is really active. I like it because I don’t have to think. Just grab my workout for the day and hit the gym (with my pre-workout of course since this is a supplement forum)


X is the same way. I log in on my phone or computer. Pull up my workout for the day and click on the watch videos he has for each workout. You can track your progress, enter weight amounts etc… The Renegade looks good too. Looks like it’s athlete based as well


I’m currently running Boris Sheiko’s Intermediate program, light load (his lowest volume option for my level of training, I just don’t have the time for his high volume stuff).

It’s bizarre how well it works, when it seems so counter-intuitive.
The rep ranges are very small, from 2-8 reps, yet I’ve EASILY put on more mass on this program than any other I’ve tried except for Jim Wendler’s Building The Monolith (which I used my true max for instead of his recommended 85%).
Similarly, it’s all very submaximal weights, never really hitting more than 85%, and usually staying around 70%, yet your maxes jump up like crazy. It’s wild to never go over 350 pounds for weeks of training, then during a “peak week” rip 440 off the floor like it’s an opener.


I have been in the iron game for many years and you guys are throwing out names I never heard of,like Sheiko, Ferruggia…lol


I started lifting about 6 years ago. Mostly bodybuilding “bro” splits, until about early this year when I started a 6 day PHAT program, very similar to the one the guys here at PP released (real heros workout, or something like that). I now switched it up to a 5 day PHAT. I’ve been loving this routine and have had good success with it.


Honestly going to have to check this out


When I set up or look for a routine, I make sure they have 2 things… Each body part at least twice a week and a heavy/low rep day with a high rep/high volume day. These I feel are the best for overall muscle growth and strength.


I’ve been pondering that idea of the high weight low reps day and a low weight high rep day. I’m going to try it for my next program!