Does anyone know where the Dyglofit study is?

Does anyone know where the Dyglofit study is?


I’m trying to find the study on Dyglofit, that ingredient cellucor is putting in all of their fat burners and I am coming up with nothing, has anyone found it?


Took a lot of digging but here it is


Haven’t read it yet but any time there is a study that isn’t easy to find I get suspicious.


Agreed, and, don’t forget, it was obese patients they used. Conveniently left out by the patent holders in their info pamphlet


Ok so it was done on people with metabolic syndrome and the control lost almost no weight(about a pound in 8 weeks, vs 22 in the dyglofit group). Looks extremely fishy, adverage bmi of around 36(over 25 is considered overweight, over 30 is obese).

Well if nothing else cellucor’s fire HD is really cheap right now so I’ll link it in the amazon thread for the people interested.


That site is chock full of really good data, info and resources. I’m adding it to my favorites: Thanks for the post.


I had to go to their actual website to find the studies. You should be able to google it and find it easily