Do MORE Carbs After Keto Make you MORE Insulin Sensitive? Glucose Tolerance Test 2

Do MORE Carbs After Keto Make you MORE Insulin Sensitive? Glucose Tolerance Test 2

My BG Is always lower when I am NOT on Keto
When on Keto my BG is higher,

health is very important to me so i keep carbs in year round to help keep my insulin sensitivity better (i have had bloodwork to monitor my A1C and Fasted Inuslin) in Keto they are higher, when with carbs they are lower.

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Curious to know what your average macros are.

during what phase? My keto phase? Currently? Full offseason? Or when?

How about full offseason? And how long do you roll with keto?

Keto I went 8 weeks towards the end of a prep and 4 weeks in the middle of an offseason to reset insulin sensitivity

Macros were 130 P and 130F, Trace carbs. My BG continually rose when in keto, and it never dropped. I felt a lot of discomfort and bloating regardless of the sources I did use. I looked extremly flat, lost pump, and could not maintain good workout sessions. So my trainer ditched it after those 4/8 week periods we ran it to see if anything would adjust as we modified food sources and tries to find the X factor as to why i was not digesting food properly and absorbin the nutrients.

Offseason I can get up to around 200-250g P, 300-500g Carbs, and 40-70g Fat (i work MUCH better on higher carb diets). My energy, digsetion, and pumps are 5x better and BG is much lower. I can baseline within 60-90 minutes post meal without a GDA, if i throw one in around 30-45 minutes.

Currently Im at 225g Protein, 200g Carbs, 70g Fat (going a little higher fat) and modifying some sources to see how I respond (food wise and digestion wise to get BG even lower) Currently around 75-80 upon waking.
BUT I am much leaner now then I was with the macros much higher, and my strength is as good if not better.

Keto can take a long time for full adaptation physically, mentally, and blood work; varies person to person though. I didn’t really feel the “mental clarity” effects until 3-4 months in. I’m 1-year in now, and I’m still feeling adaptation, particularly in food preferences/cravings.

My fasting BG only changed modestly (if at all) on keto, maybe 5 points, but it’s a noisy measurement. But it is expected for athletes to not really see a difference in BG when doing keto versus not (no I can’t remember the sources :stuck_out_tongue:). Athletes tend to be more insulin sensitive because of lifestyle choices, and they generally have more muscle mass for glucose absorption, both factors for lowering BG; so going to keto won’t make a big difference for them. Folks with low insulin sensitivity will see dramatic differences.

The only issue was my BG rose over 10-15+ points on keto (upper 90’s or into the 100’s) while off Keto it sits around 75-80

Major difference then a few ticks for me a “noisy” measurement. Its not a one size fits all lifestyle approach especially when it takes a toll on your digestion, mood, pump, etc… Everything was off and it reflected in my physique and progress pictures. Definitely not a suitable choice for myself.

Wow, sorry it impacted you so badly.

No one size fits all to any dieting protocol out there man.
Just like when you diet down for a show. it is always different, peak week won’t be the same all the time. The body is constantly changing!

Never said there was, man :wink:

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Mike seems to think so, though.

Personally, i’m absolutely a keto “responder.” I get fat-adapted within days, i don’t get any of the negative effects early on, i’m pissing ketones within days. When i’m a few weeks in, i can take colossal gluttonous cheat days (400+ carbs) and be back into ketosis the next day. I’m pretty much designed to run that way i guess.

I tell you what though, nothing, and i mean nothing feels as good as those first few weeks of coming off of keto. Still being fat adapted AND taking in carbs? Fuckin superpowers.

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