Delts in Push/Pull/Legs?

Delts in Push/Pull/Legs?


I don’t know if there is a “proper” answer to this, or if it’s really preference depending on how you view it, but where would you put lateral and posterior delts in a P/P/L split. I feel like posterior would go with pull, but the generic description of the split seems to just say “delts” for push, implying all 3. Thoughts?


I’m in contest prep - so take this with a grain of salt. I hit rear delts with back for around 6-8 sets of isolation work. I also hit another 6-8 sets on standard shoulder day (which you won’ have on Push/Pull/Legs).

Make it fit whatever you like best. I do find that your rear delts get substantial work on back day, so hitting them hard with tight isolated squeezes at the end always yields the most benefit for me.


Good question, and I’ve done it both ways. The PPL program that I’ve been using calls for face pulls (or any posterior delt exercise) on Pull day.

What’s interesting is that face pulls have been shown to activate both the lateral and posterior deltoid heads both very effectively, so it could really be put on either day. Personally, I would put it on the day that you have the room for extra volume so there’s a better chance for recovery.


I just always did all the shoulder on push day. No need to complicate it.


Rear delts are def a “pull movement” though. So I think it tends to complicate it if you do them on a “push day.”


Yes, they are a pull movement but its just easier to do all of the shoulder when you do shoulders. I see no benefit in splitting them up by what head it is. But if it works for you, then continue to do it obviously.


The primary benefit is avoiding overwork, which can lead to injury, depending on the intensity and frequency of workouts.


You aren’t going to over train by doing rear delts on shoulder day…:slight_smile:


I’d throw rear delts on push and pull day. The majority of people can use more rear delts, and the majority of people training rear delts won’t lead to overtraining with it. I’ve found a lot of success with high frequency of rear delts.


Excellent point. I guess I assumed we were talking a PPL split, doing each 2xs a week. In prep now, I train everything once a week but in the offseason, I have to hit everything twice in order to grow.


I do Upper/lower/upper/lower and split my uppers as Bench/shoulders/triceps and Bench/back/biceps. I include rear delts on both since I consider it a part of shoulders and back. It’s been really important in my development of rear delts and shoulder health considering the amount of benching I do.

This is an oversimplification of saying that I do westside style conjugate


Speaking of very high frequency, I’m considering buying a couple DBs just so i can do some lateral raises every single day–my lateral delts will NOT grow, it looks silly.


I’ve always been lucky in regards to capped delts- but lots of lateral raises will definitely help. I’d spend more time learning how to better target and isolate them instead of wasting a huge amount of time flapping personally


One and a half reps my man, that’s the way to go with them