DaSlays Log of Samples

Take with your pre/intra for AM Training take with a meal later in the day with your multi/fishoil etc.


Sweet thank you sir!!

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Hey man,

You will love UpSorb!!

I take my first cap at 4am with my preworkout stack and get ready💪!

Then I take the second with ZMA and GABA before bed.

Astragin has a 24 hour half-life so you are covered all day.

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Hope mine ain’t like that, was actually gonna take it today too

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My sample was still powdered. Amazingly average pre. No way beta alanine was dosed at 4g, no tingle whatsoever


Just wanted to throw this here… getting my work cubicle all squared… my daily essentials.


Oh and forgot to mention, I did take advantage and ordered a few jars of Sin Fit Butter, have yet to try them, I will this week. However, they did send me 3 sample packs of their protein powder, and i Had the Cinnamon Roll Smoothie the other night, and WOW. This stuff is so good! Definitely going to be watching for sales on the protein powder…will post up thoughts on other samples!

We have the cheapest price on it ATM
$28/Tub instead of $40 Direct


Saw them at A1 for $24.99 (i think)

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I’ll PayPal anyone $3 if they wanna grab at CP to make up for it


Tried the chocolate PB last night. Pretty good. A lighter taste than the cinnamon roll. Will give the fruity cereal a whirl this week. I still have like 5 tubs of protein to go through but damn these are good

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Just wanted to toss this in here… got to experience Fudge Farm (about 11 blocks away from the house) on Wed night…yeah its as good as it looks! Amazing shakes!


Had 2 samples of the Watermelon Ice in the last week. Ingredient wise it is really nothing special, and it did not do much for me as an Intra. However, the Watermelon Ice flavor was excellent. Tasted like a Watermelon Ice cooler and I really enjoyed drinking them. If you find this flavor on a deal and just want to flavor your water, or looking for simply 5g BCAA then i recommend this one! For me, i prefer my intra to include EAAs and more hydration, so outside of a great flavor it does not do much else for me.

Gave these a whirl last week or so as well.

K-XR - The Patriot Pop flavor was terrible. Really a bad version of bombsicle. Other companies have nailed the flavor, VMI has not! I have used K-XR in the past (samples) and it does not do too much for me as a PWO. Kind of a run of the mill one with lots of stims, and likely low quality ingredients as it doesn’t seem to give much more than an slight energy boost. As you can see with my blurry pic its all prop blends anyways, so you never really know what you’re getting.

Aminogex Ultra - Well I do like this as an intra. It is only BCAAs but does include some Betaine and Traacs minerals for decent hydration. I ran this back in the SR days and enjoyed it. I had a sample of the Pina Colada and the Cherry Lime. These are 2 flavors I would not normally enjoy as an intra, but these were nice and subtle and not overly sweet so I enjoyed them. This is worth a look if you have never tried it and are just looking for a simple Intra.

big thank you to @Dougefresh93 for this hookup! I have taken Anavite a few times (I enjoy it, even if they are horse pills) but the rest is new to me. As I try these products out I will post up my thoughts here. Starting Proven Joint this week. So dumb question, is EXO an offshoot brand of Gaspari? I am never good at tracking who is a subsidiary of what. Thanks again brother! Very much appreciated here in the Burgh! I bet the Cricket protein scares some people away, but I have had real crickets (Survival School) so it sure does not bother me!

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EXO has zero association with Gaspari

I do some side work for them and they give me way too many products, so I’m sharing. Hope you enjoy.

ahh ok, cool just curious then! I appreciate the hook up and looking forward to giving it a whirl. Mostly I am looking forward to bringing the cricket stuff to work and awaiting reactions from my office mates. That will pay for itself lol!


The whole crickets are legit like a drier potato chip, flavor wise they are excellent imo.

I swore I tried the other sample I had of this a year or so ago and loved it. Today, NOPE. Huge burst of energy and borderline that cracked out feeling. Almost made not feel well in the gym. Afterwards, holy crash! I know they have since changed the formula, but I am done with it. The slogan is Destroy Every Workout, well it almost did destroy my workout and in the bad way!

I tried the Cocoa Nut Exo Cricket Protein Bar. Great texture, felt like a sturdy bar, but did not care for the taste of it one bit.

Started my run of Proven Joint today, more to follow on that. One comment though is it has a very very rough smell once you open the bottle and the pills are large. Tastes fine though (swallowing it i mean). If it works, whatever.

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I had read/heard that you/we should be very careful when it comes to samples. Companies will pixie (or is it fairy) dust samples to increase their potency with the goal of getting you to buy the full tub.