DaSlaya's Year of 5/3/1 Challenges

I always love to hop to different programs here and there, it was much easier in my youth. Due to my many injuries over the years, getting older, I have found that each program benefits one lift while causing another to stall out. I have decided to go back to the basics of what got me into lifting originally, and do the Year of 5/3/1 Challenges laid out in Beyond 5/3/1. It is old school, but it works. I started this Yesterday (May 6, 2019), and this log will keep me accountable, so I hope to do a summary in May of 2020. I will of course be posting periodic updates. Here is the year!

Months 1 - 3: Boring But Big Challenge
- Goal: Perform 5 sets of 10 reps at 70% of each lift for final cycle

  • This will be a bitch, but great to get the strength going with a mix of low rep and hypertrophy.
  • 90% TM
  • Standard 5/3/1 format, no extra reps or reps taken to failure
  • Month 1 - 5 sets of 10 reps @ 50% of TM
  • Month 2 - 5 x 10 @ 60% TM
  • Month 3 - 5x10 @70% TM
  • After each month (cycle including deload week) your TM increases 5lbs upper body, 10lbs lower body

4 days a week with a simple layout
Monday: OHP 5/3/1 sets, Bench 5x10, Pullups (5 sets), Curls 3x10, Face Pulls 3x10
Tuesday: Deadlift 5/3/1, Squat 5/10, Ab Wheel 5x10-20
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Bench 5/3/1, OHP 5x10, DB Rows 5x10/arn, Tricep Pushdown 3x10
Fri: Squat 5/3/1, Deadlift 5x10, Hanging Leg Raise 5x10
Rest on weekends

Months 4 - 6 Strength Challenge
Goal: Increase 1RM on Squat, Bench, and Deadlift
I will lay out details when I hit this phase

Months 7 - 9 Prowler Challenge
Goal: Perform 10 40-yard Prowler sprints with 180lbs additional weight and 60 seconds rest between sprints
Again, I will lay out details when I hit this phase. Bob if you are reading this and know of a gym in Pittsburgh with a Prowler station please let me know.

The last 2 challenges arent as predominant but I may give them a shot.
6 week 100 rep challenge
6 week 5/3/1 and Rest Pause Training

This will round out the year, or at least 9 months of it. Should be a fun ride!!

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Just wanted to hop on here and give a few thoughts. I just wrapped up Week 2 of Month 1. I have avoided Boring But Big because it just looked, well boring and does not seem like much on paper. Each workout has run me about 45 minutes and I tell ya, I am soaked after every single one. I definitely feel my muscles have been worked, not in a DOMS way, but in a I had a great workout way. Yes, this is already getting boring and I have 10 weeks left, but all the main lifts are moving so easily, there may be a method to this madness. As I get to Month 2 and 3 it will be a real test of fortitude. So far so good though!

Hey, in to follow your log and progress. What are your numbers looking like right now?

Hey @mowglisml I appreciate the follow. Here is my numbers breakdown for Month 1.

Bench: 290 (1RM) / 261 (90% TM)
Squat: 315 (1RM) / 283.5 (90% TM)
OHP: 165 (1RM) / 148.5 (90% TM)
Deadlift: 410 (1RM) / 369 (90% TM)

This is the easy month since the 5x10 sessions are 50% of the 90% TM. For Month 2 I am going to up the upper body 90% TMs by 5 pounds and Lower Body ones by 10lbs, and then the 5x10 session will be at 60%. Rinse and Repeat for Month 3 with 5x10 @ 70% TM. Its going to get brutal!

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Alright we are settled in the 'Burgh and I found my new gym this morning. It has a nice room (not big) with every type of bar you can imagine, so its pretty great. Started Week 1 of Month 2 of the BBB Challenge, I thought I was weak on my bench after taking 10 days off (5x10@160) but turns out I was using a 55lb bar (oops). Either way i got my 5x10 lol. Looks like I have about 4-5 days left on my Proven Egg, so you can watch out for that review. Happy to be here!

Alright so the last week or so has been screwy but getting back on schedule here. I finished up Month 2 Week 1 of BBB Challenge and it was tough! I am not looking forward to the third month, but hey whatever doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger right? I should be back on track next week to hit my 4 lift days in same week, so don’t mind the screwy dates on this one. I hurt my knee over the weekend as well so took a few days to rest up.

BBB Month 2, Week 1
5x10 portion is at 60% and TM increased 5lb Upper body, 10lb lower body per lift from last month

7 June 19
OHP: 5x100, 5x115, 5x130
Bench: 5x 10 @ 160 (did 170 by accident)
Pullups - 5 sets
Zottman Curls - 3x10
Face Pulls - 3x10

8 June 19
Deadlift: 5x245, 5x285, 5x320
Squat: 5x10 @ 175
Ab Wheel: 5x10

12 June 19
Bench: 5x175, 5x200, 5x225
OHP: 5x10 @ 90
DB Rows: 5x10
Tri Pushdown: 3x10

13 June 19
Squat: 5x190, 5x220, 5x250
Deadlift: 5x10 @ 225
Flutter Kicks: 5 x 14 (4 count)
I opted to do Trap Bar Deads for the 5x10 days going forward

It looks easy on paper, but its tough. This week probably kicked my ass due to moving and eating poorly etc etc. Hopefully next week will go smoother, or the rest of this is going to SUCK!!!

Here are pics of my new gym. Its Union Fitness in Pittsburgh, and this is their Strength Lab Room

That looks like a great training facility. I really like Pittsburgh. Keep up the good lifts

@mowglisml Yeah its a nice little strength training gym, I really like it. They have every bar you could ever think of! Its never crowded (at least when I am there) and everyone there takes training seriously, so I dig it!

Well I had taken about a week or so off, retiring after 20 years in the Army, moving to a new city and getting adjusted to a new place and civilian life hit me all at once. So I had to take an emotional break and go see the family in NY for a few days. I figure most people can relate to needing an emotional break from time to time. Alas, I got back last night, hit the gym today and am refreshed and better than ever. I have decided to forego doing the BBB challenge as it was way overtaxing on my knees and back, and I really was not enjoying it. I decided to move to the Strength Challenge, since I train for pure strength, this fits my likes more.

5/3/1 Strength Challenge
Week 1, Day 1

OHP: 3x105, 3x120, 3x 135
Bench: 185x8,8,7,6,5
Lat Pulldown: 5x10-20 reps
Zottman Curl: 3x10

Tried out Xtend Chocolate Lava Cake today, OMG, this was insanely delicious. I am not a big chocolate fan, but it was a great post workout treat. Will be drinking it here in a couple hours with milk for my afternoon snack! Pre-Cre XS continues to be an amazing PWO, it truly got me fired up today, this may actually be my current favorite PWO at the moment for energy.

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Casey is a great guy, I love Union

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@Extrabeef Have not met Casey yet, but really only talked with Allison since she signed me up. Small crew there so I am sure I will get to know them over time.

Week 1, Day 2
Deadlift: 3x260, 3x295, 3x330, 1x370
Squats: 5 sets x 5 reps @ 200
Ab Wheel: 5x10
1-Leg Squats: 3x10 BW
Calf Raises: 3x10

My household goods are scheduled to arrive Monday so that means my old stash of Supplements. Good timing because I am on my last few doses of Intra-Blast Dragon Fruit. Of course with stocking up more on CP Select deals I will have to put them in order of Expiration date.

Well, my dad came to visit for the weekend to help with some house projects, so no gym for me. My movers were supposed to arrive yesterday so i sat around waiting for them, and turns out the shipment got delayed, so they will deliver everything on Friday. Waste of a day. Oh well back on track.

Week 1, Day 3
Bench: 3x185, 3x210, 3x235, 1x260
OHP: 5x5@105
DB Row: 5x10
Tri Pushdown (rope): 3x10

Started Shake One today thanks to @Adidasshorts. Going to take this as my breakfast (Since that is the intent here) daily, and then post my weight and thoughts. Current weight is 239.6 on July 2, 2019 (shoes on, gym bathroom scale). Will not change diet or workout, and will try and weigh in same time at the gym under same circumstances.

My initial thought on the Double Chocolate flavor (drinking it right now) is it is okay. Very very drinkable, the chocolate is just lighter than I thought but it honestly tastes like Chocolate Milk, so its good. It leaves a nice Chocolate after taste in your mouth as well.

Week 1, Day 4
Squat: 3x200, 3x225, 3x255, 1x285
Deadlift: 5 sets x 3 reps @ 260
Flutter Kicks: 3 x 25 (4 ct)
Lunges: 3x10
Seated Calf Raise: 3x10

Day 2 of Shake one. I like the taste. I get a slight energy boost from it similar to a cup of coffee, I just miss the warmth of coffee in the morning LOL. So far my problem is I get hunry about 90 minutes later, but I get the idea behind this.

You ever get a chance to train at Fitness Factory off South Highland?
Go right around the corner to Waffles InCaffenated and thank me later :slight_smile:

Oh @TheSolution I will check that out. Thank you for the Delucas Recommendation went there about 2 fridays ago for a late breakfast…had this amazing meal

and thank you to @Dougefresh93 for the Fatheads recommendation, its like 13 blocks from my house so becoming a weekly lunch event. So far the wings and burgers were phenomenal (not to mention some good IPAs)

So yeah, Waffles InCaffienated is on the list!! I just keep training at Union Fitness since I really like it there. Mostly I have the strength lab room all to myself in the mornings!!


Anything or anywhere you wanna go in pitt just let me know or email me.
Trust me I have a spot for you!

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Playing a little bit of catch up here so I can get back on my normal schedule next week. Movers come tomorrow officially this time, so i get my stash of supps to plan out my future stacks.

Week 2, Day
OHP: 5x95, 5x110, 5x125
Bench: 5 sets x 8 reps @ 170
Lat Pulldown: 5x10
Zottman Curl: 3x10

Been lazy on my updates, the household has been in chaos. My wife was finally able to get out here, so had to show here around the Burgh a bit, and then unpacking all those boxes. I started taking Xtend Elite about 2 days ago as I finished up my IntraBlast DragonFruit (sad). So far so good, the Sour Gummy Worm is a bit too sweet for my liking, but man it is flavorful as hell! 9 days in Shake one, and I keep forgetting to weigh myself at the gym. Hope to remember tomorrow.

Week 2, Day 2
Deadlift: 5x240, 275, 315
Squat: 5x5@185
Ab Wheel: 5x10
1-Leg Squats (BW): 3x10
Standing Calf Raises: 3x10

Week 2, Day 3
Bench: 5x170,195, 220
OHP: 5x5@95
DB Row: 5x10
Tri Extension: 3x10

Week 2, Day 4
Squat: 5x185, 215, 240
Deadlift: 5x3 @ 240
Flutter kicks: 3 x 25 reps (4 count)
Lunges: 3x10 (BW)
Seated Calf Raises: 3x10

So far my first month of experience at Union Fitness has been great. The workers there are real nice, and I really haven’t talked with anyone else. I head back to Portland end of this month for work, so I will try and just hit up Kabuki Strength gym since I keep getting spoiled with nice gyms. I have yet to find my box of supplements, only 8 boxes left, so hope to find them today!! That would be a huge bummer!!!

Finally finished up Week 3 today, got a nasty cold last week that kept me down for 4 days. Now I am through it!

Week 3 (5/3/1 week)
Day 1
OHP: 5x110, 3x125, 2x140
Bench: 5x5 @ 195
Lat Pulldown: 5x10
Zottman Curl: 3x10

Week 3, Day 2
Deadlift: 5x275, 3x315, 2x350, 1x370
Squat: 5x5 @ 215
Ab Wheel: 50 reps
1-Leg Squats (BW): 3x10
Standing Calf Raises: 3x10

Week 3, Day 3
Bench: 5x195, 3x220, 2x250, 1x260
OHP: 5x5 @ 110
DB Row: 5x10
Tri Pushdown: 3x10

Week 3, Day 4
Squat: 5x215, 3x240, 3x270, 1x285
Deadlift: 5 x 3 @ 275
Flutter Kicks (4 count): 3 x 25
BW Lunges: 3x10
Seated Calf Raises: 3x10

Current Stack for this week
Pre: Pre - Cre XS (almost finished)
Intra: Xtend Elite
Post: Xtend Elite / Shake One

Did another weight in today, and came in at 236.2 pounds. No change to diet, training etc… Only change here is the addition of Shake One on Monday- Friday for breakfast, and I was 239.6 pounds when I started. So good stuff here. I will have my review up this week for Shake One, so be on the lookout. I also plan to review Xtend Pro Isolate and Pre Cre-XS when they finish up soon. I probably will not post up this weeks workout run, since its Deload…boring!

Colds during the summer absolutely suck. Hate to be sidelined with such nice weather