DaSlaya's Year of 5/3/1 Challenges

DaSlaya's Year of 5/3/1 Challenges

I always love to hop to different programs here and there, it was much easier in my youth. Due to my many injuries over the years, getting older, I have found that each program benefits one lift while causing another to stall out. I have decided to go back to the basics of what got me into lifting originally, and do the Year of 5/3/1 Challenges laid out in Beyond 5/3/1. It is old school, but it works. I started this Yesterday (May 6, 2019), and this log will keep me accountable, so I hope to do a summary in May of 2020. I will of course be posting periodic updates. Here is the year!

Months 1 - 3: Boring But Big Challenge
- Goal: Perform 5 sets of 10 reps at 70% of each lift for final cycle

  • This will be a bitch, but great to get the strength going with a mix of low rep and hypertrophy.
  • 90% TM
  • Standard 5/3/1 format, no extra reps or reps taken to failure
  • Month 1 - 5 sets of 10 reps @ 50% of TM
  • Month 2 - 5 x 10 @ 60% TM
  • Month 3 - 5x10 @70% TM
  • After each month (cycle including deload week) your TM increases 5lbs upper body, 10lbs lower body

4 days a week with a simple layout
Monday: OHP 5/3/1 sets, Bench 5x10, Pullups (5 sets), Curls 3x10, Face Pulls 3x10
Tuesday: Deadlift 5/3/1, Squat 5/10, Ab Wheel 5x10-20
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Bench 5/3/1, OHP 5x10, DB Rows 5x10/arn, Tricep Pushdown 3x10
Fri: Squat 5/3/1, Deadlift 5x10, Hanging Leg Raise 5x10
Rest on weekends

Months 4 - 6 Strength Challenge
Goal: Increase 1RM on Squat, Bench, and Deadlift
I will lay out details when I hit this phase

Months 7 - 9 Prowler Challenge
Goal: Perform 10 40-yard Prowler sprints with 180lbs additional weight and 60 seconds rest between sprints
Again, I will lay out details when I hit this phase. Bob if you are reading this and know of a gym in Pittsburgh with a Prowler station please let me know.

The last 2 challenges arent as predominant but I may give them a shot.
6 week 100 rep challenge
6 week 5/3/1 and Rest Pause Training

This will round out the year, or at least 9 months of it. Should be a fun ride!!

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Just wanted to hop on here and give a few thoughts. I just wrapped up Week 2 of Month 1. I have avoided Boring But Big because it just looked, well boring and does not seem like much on paper. Each workout has run me about 45 minutes and I tell ya, I am soaked after every single one. I definitely feel my muscles have been worked, not in a DOMS way, but in a I had a great workout way. Yes, this is already getting boring and I have 10 weeks left, but all the main lifts are moving so easily, there may be a method to this madness. As I get to Month 2 and 3 it will be a real test of fortitude. So far so good though!


Hey, in to follow your log and progress. What are your numbers looking like right now?


Hey @mowglisml I appreciate the follow. Here is my numbers breakdown for Month 1.

Bench: 290 (1RM) / 261 (90% TM)
Squat: 315 (1RM) / 283.5 (90% TM)
OHP: 165 (1RM) / 148.5 (90% TM)
Deadlift: 410 (1RM) / 369 (90% TM)

This is the easy month since the 5x10 sessions are 50% of the 90% TM. For Month 2 I am going to up the upper body 90% TMs by 5 pounds and Lower Body ones by 10lbs, and then the 5x10 session will be at 60%. Rinse and Repeat for Month 3 with 5x10 @ 70% TM. Its going to get brutal!

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