DaSlaya's Thoughts on Cellucor C4 RTD, C4 Shot Rocks, and C4 Ultimate

DaSlaya's Thoughts on Cellucor C4 RTD, C4 Shot Rocks, and C4 Ultimate

Thought I would just keep this mini log consolidated since I have been jumping into C4 products lately. It has honestly been years since I have taken C4 PWO, and usually it is not a go to for me. I never did take the sample of C4 Ultimate yet, I will do that soon as I am coming off of being sick while I was in Portland.

Cotton Candy: I really enjoyed the Bang Cotton Candy Flavor, and this one is even more flavorful. It tastes very similar but just packs a little more punch to ease that sweet tooth.

Orange Slice: I grabbed a Diet Orange Fanta and had that a day prior to trying the Orange Slice C4. This tastes identical, its amazing! I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Midnight Cherry: Finally got to try this out and yeah its pretty damn good. Has a real nice hint of Cherry to it, and gives you a very light Cherry Coke flavor to it.

My current favorite energy drink. This gives me a nice clean boost to get me through those afternoon blues, with great flavors to boot! No weird jitters or anxiety.

C4 Shot Rocks
First, thank you @burntreality and Nutrabolt for the opportunity to try this out. I recieved a 12 pack of the Blue Razz. I will add photos as this journal comes along. I took my first vial on Friday and here are my initial thoughts:

Packaging: I thought packaging was pretty awesome, a nice grab and go PWO. Even easier than a can. Very nice presentation here guys.

Taste/Feeling: I got a slight Blue Raspeberry taste here, but what I was most impressed with was that it actually felt just like dumping a packet of pop rocks in your mouth. Made me feel like a kid again. Had the snapping sounds and all, was awesome. Immediately after though I got really thirsty, so I suggest slamming some water down with it.

Eff: I have not taken C4 in years, and even years ago it never did that much for me. This was okay, gave me a very minor energy boost and I ran into a major GI distress issue. I had to stop my workout twice to hit the bathroom which is very strange. HOWEVER, there are some caveats to this. I did fall ill in Portland prior (if you wondered why my sample log suddenly stopped) so was still recovering. So that and the tiredness may have been that and not the product in itself. So before I go making statements I will run through the box and hand 1 or 2 samples out to my trusted gym bros to get their reactions. I also took the weekend off to ensure I am 100% and am now getting back in the action today.

More to follow on this. As I type this I am drinking down Orange Mango C4 Ultimate. I will post my thoughts on this later.

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Could not agree more
C4 Carbonated is my favorite energy drink as well.


I honestly would have never tried them without your multiple recommendations on our email exchanges, so thanks brother!!

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Thanks for putting this up man.
Always nice when a review isn’t asked for yet someone puts forth the effort (we remember these things).

I personally didn’t get any GI stress from the Shot Rocks, so interested to hear if the problem persists as you continue use.

Are there any flavors of C4 Carbonated you have not tried yet, that you want to?

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Bombcicle and Tropical Punch are my second favorites after Orange Slice. Highly recommend he try those!

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Yeah brother no problem. I very much appreciate companies sending out products and I love to review them. With my time on Supplement Reviews I enjoyed expanding my horizons as well and I realized I learned a lot from reading “real people” reviews, so I love to spread the wealth. Yeah like I said I could have just had a bug, so tomorrow I will give the Shot rocks a whirl again.

Other C4 flavors I would want to try would be in this order: Frozen Bombsicle, Purple Frost, Tropical Blast, and Cherry Limeade (ONLY if it was somehow better than Midnight Cherry). Thanks for recommendations also @Matt_Towson


Cherry Limeade is a top 5 for me (Orange Slice and Cotton Cand my top 2) with Cherry Lime and Midnight Cherry right behind it.
Bombsicle and Limeade are arond 5-6 … I personally don’t care for Purple Frost it is my least favorite.

My rankings:
Orange/Cotton Candy
Midnight Cherry/Cherry Lime
Strawberry Watermelon
Purple Frost


C4 Ultimate Sample (Orange Mango)

Taste: This was delicious and tasted just like an orange mango drink. I typically mix 8-10oz of water with my PWO to get that extra hydration going, and I enjoyed this very much. Nice work here.

Eff: Right at the 30 minute mark after taking this I started to get that nice energy feeling. It came fast and it came hard, but not to the point where I was jittery at all. Very motivating to get my butt in gear, finish up my stretching and get to the lifting! It lasted throughout my 60 minute workout today and I had no crash post workout.

Pumps: I had some decent average to slightly above average pumps on this. I started the year of 5/3/1 Challenges today, and the first 3 months are Boring but Big. During my 5x10 on Bench today I had an okay pump. However when I did 3x10 of Zottman Curls, MAN o MAN my arms got pumped and hurt a bit. That good pump hurt feeling. It even lasted during my face pulls then I got a glimpse of my arms in the mirror and it made me smile! This was unexpected but nice.

So overall, enjoyed this one. I think I have one more sample left so will give that a shot here again soon to verify this was not a one time event.

Edit: This workout was done completely fasted a get up and go situation!


I stocked up on C4 Ultimate since there was a good sale and the formula worked pretty well for me when I took the samples. I really did not have good results from C4 Original. Today was the first scoop out of the container for chest day and I had about the same effects as you did. Tons of energy, focus and a fairly decent pump with no hard crash. Strawberry Watermelon is pretty tasty.

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Nice. Yeah people have been telling me for the last year or so how great this stuff is and I was just being a supplement snob saying I doubt it. Well I was wrong! My other sample is same flavor, but looking forward to it. Will have to start watching for sales!


Yeah honestly, C4 Ultimate is one of my favorites. Just have to be careful when I dose my nitrates with it, sometimes I forget there is a decent creatine nitrate dose in there


All this love for C4 Ultimate in here, I might see about doing a giveaway on a few tubs soon :slight_smile:


Truthfully, C4 Ultimate is a great pre. I add a scoop of Ghost pump for the combo pump effect, but I’ll dose it as a standalone on leg day. Gosh, I can’t take extra pump products on leg or I won’t be able to curl/extend my legs.


I might try with Quake 10 tomorrow for arms.


How’s the Arctic bro flavor?

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Seconding this, it sounds delish and cellucor does great flavors


Well happy to report I had no abnormal issues with C4 Pop Rocks today and I can safely say that my tummy was just in knots last week. Here are some more thoughts.

C4 Shot Rocks

and a video to get the sound effects, sorry for my gross mouth pic!

I have no clue how to embed videos, so that is as good as it gets.

Thoughts: Well it is C4 so it is what I would consider a beginner PWO. I love the gimmick of it and have passed out a couple of vials to trusted Gym bros (one of them loves C4). It works okay for me, but just not enough. The flavor is very light and you definitely need to drink a lot of water with it as it at least felt like it dehydrated me initially. Not a big deal. Overall it is okay, not something I would reach for or buy really, but if you love C4 original then you will love this.


One of the things I love about C4 is there are versions for everyone.
I agree this is more of a beginner PWO but I personally love the convenience of it. I will be keeping some around when I go on vacation or have them in my gym bag if I don’t have my shaker cup.


Yup I was thinking same thing. I was like well this is about as convenient as it gets, and when I want to lower stims or travel then yeah I am keeping the rest on hand. Thank you for this opportunity brother, I truly appreciate it.


It is - but it stacks well with nitrates. I honestly love drinking a carbonated C4 and then downing some extra nitrates. I want more “umph” on back or leg day, but for arms or shoulders, I can do C4 all day.