DaSlaya's CreRiboVol Review

DaSlaya's CreRiboVol Review

Why I took this: I started checking out MPA Supplements when Clipper did a review on SR of CelluVol about a year ago or so. When I saw the profile for CRV I thought it looked great with the right dosages I need and decided to pull the trigger and see what CRV and MPA Supps is all about.

Everything here is fully transparent and dosed very well in my opinion. Right off the bat you can see we get 10g Creatine Mono and 10g Cluster Dextrin. I like to take 8-10g of Creatine daily for my size (6’2", 240lb) as I do believe it makes a difference for me vs 5g. 10g of Cluster Dextrin is a good amount no matter what diet plan you follow, it should not make or break your daily carb intake.

Ribose was a fairly new ingredient for me to learn about. This is not something you will truly feel, in a nutshell it can boost ATP production. This is definitely something I am going to start checking out more in my Creatine.

The rest of the profile rounds out with Leucine, Promillin, and Bromelain. I am a fan of digestive enzymes like Bromelain and have had good success with them. Makes things easier on the body.

MPA Supps does a real nice job explaining each ingredient and why the doses are the way they are on their site. To me it looks like facts vs conjecture, so I appreciate that.

This picture is right after shaking up one scoop of CRV in 14oz of water. You get very little foaming up top, and you can see that you do start to get some settling of ingredients towards the bottom. You will definitely want to shake this before you take each sip.

Pineapple Mango: I am not going to lie, my first week on this stuff I could not stand the taste. For some reason right around the second week it started to grow on me and I found myself looking forward to the drink and enjoying it at the end. It is not as bitter as you would think with 5g Leucine, so it is very drinkable. I had a very minor hint of Mango, a faint orange taste, no real pineapple taste, and my wife always said the powder has a maple smell to it. Hard to explain the actual taste, but it is not bad at all once you get used to it.

Did this work?
I tried this two ways, first as a stand alone complete recovery drink and two combined with EAAs/BCAAs. As a stand alone this did not provide me enough recovery to not be suffering from DOMS the next couple of days. My workouts are volume based lately, so a lot of reps with moderate to heavy weight. I did like the fact that this bridged the gap for me between coming home from the gym and eating breakfast. I found the 10g carbs in here to be enough to keep me satiated until I got ready for my day and had breakfast made. Dependent on the day I always followed this shake up with either breakfast or a Protein Shake within 30 minutes of finishing this.

After a couple of weeks as a stand alone, I tried this combined with Pharmgrade EAAs. This combination was great, and DOMS were kept at bay. For me, CRV just needs that little extra BCAA/EAA kick to get you fully recovered. I typically require close to 10g BCAAs a day to be recovered (product dependent) so this will vary based on your recovery process and possibly even age.

First, MPA supps gives you 20% off as a Military or First Responder discount, so thank you for that. CRV will run around $70 (pre-shipping/tax) for 30 servings. You only need to take this post workout, so that comes out to $2.33 per serving. So yes this is definitely expensive, but I have no buyers remorse here at all. You get quality ingredients at great dosages and a product that does work. If you have the money for this, you should definitely give it a try.

Overall I did enjoy my run of CRV. This is definitely some quality stuff here and I am going through Pharmgrade EAA right now and have Celluvol on stand by in my closet for later. I look forward to learning more about this company!

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