DaSlaya's 5/3/1 Pervertor

DaSlaya's 5/3/1 Pervertor


With a name like that, how could I not run this program. Fresh after finishing GZCL UHF 9 week and testing my maxes, I started this program last week. I am a huge fan of 5/3/1 and GZCL workouts. I will probably just keep this updated weekly, but feel free to hit me up with any comments/questions etc.

Of note, I am also throwing in a 5th day here so I can hit bench twice a week. I bought a sling shot a couple months ago and started using it during GZCL UHF and loved it. So I am incorporating Mark Bell’s program that comes with the Sling Shot.

Here is the protocol for the first Leader Template:

  • Use 5s Progression each week using the 3/5/1 order for working sets
  • Weeks 1 and 2 will do First Set Last for 10 sets of 5 reps
  • Week 3 will do Second Set Last for 5 sets of 5 reps
  • Accessory work is 25-50 reps each exercise
  • Use 85% Training Max

Starting Maxes (Current Max / 85%)
Squat: 300 / 255
Bench: 285 / 242
Deadlift: 405 / 344
OHP: 155 / 131

Each Leader is 3 weeks long, I will run Leader (weeks 1-3), up the TM max by 5lbs for upper body and 10lbs for lower body, run another Leader (weeks 4-6), up the TM again, 7th Week Deload (week 7), Anchor (Weeks 8-10), up the TM weight, and end with a 7th week Deload PR test (week 11).

Week 1

Day 1
Squats: 5x180, 5x205, 5x230; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 180
Split Squats: BWx5,5,5,5,5 (each leg)
Leg Press: 463x10,553x10,643x5,643x4,643x3
Standing Calf Raises: 45 plates each hand x15,13,8,8

Day 2
Bench: 5x170,5x195,5x220; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 170
Incline Bench: 135x7, 145x7, 155x5, 165x5, 175x3
DB Fly: 30x10, 35x5, 35x5, 35x5, 35x5
Ab Roller: 8,7,6,5,5, reps

Day 3
Deadlift: 5x240,5x275,5x310; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 240
Pull Ups: BWx 6,5,5,5,5
HyperExtension: BW x 10, 25x8, 35x6, 45x5, 45x5
DB Row:50x10, 55x10, 60x8, 65x6, 70x5
Curls (21’s): 60x21, 60x21

Day 4
OHP: 5x90, 5x105, 5x120; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 90
Lateral Raise: 15x10, 17.5x8, 20x6, 20x5, 20x5
DB Shrugs: 65x10, 75x10, 85x6, 85x5, 85x5
SS: Leg Raise / Flutter Kicks (4-count): 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10, 10/10

Day 5
Bench (Raw): 4 sets x 6 reps @ 215
Bench (Sling Shot): 4 sets x 3 reps @ 230
SS1: Incline DB Press / BB Row: 4 sets @ 50x10/95x10
SS2: DB Tri Ext / Lat Pulldown: 4 sets @ 20x10/100x10
SS3: Pushups in Sling Shot / Face Pulls: 25/20x25, 25/20x25, 20/20x10, 20/20x10

As far as supplements go, here is my stack:
PWO: Rotation of different ones (Ghost legend, Total War, RCSS Yeah Buddy, Quake 10.0, Random Samples)
Intra: RCSS Amino-Tone
Post: CreRiboVol - MPA
Protein: EVL Stacked, ISOTOPE, Nutrabio Casein (as needed)
Bed Time: Delta XT - MAN

Not real sure the protocol on tihs page of how people post their training logs, so please let me know if you guys want more or less info. I enjoy keeping a log because this keeps me accountable.


Adding in the 5th day to this program seemed to work fine, as I was not overly sore or tired for the normal workout. Got 2 days done this week and in about an hour going to hit Day 3.

5/3/1 Pervertor Week 2

Day 1
Squats: 5x165, 5x190, 5x215; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 165
Leg Press:463x10, 553x10, 643x6, 643x5, 643x4
Single Leg Split Squat: BWx5,5,5,5,5
Standing Calf Raise:Holding 45’s in each hand x 10,10,10,10,10

Day 2
Bench: 5x160, 5x180, 5x205; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 160
Incline Bench: 135x8, 145x8, 155x5, 165x5, 175x4
DB Fly:35x7,6,7,6,6
Ab Crunch Machine 80x 8,8,8,7,6

So far this week has been significantly easier than last week, but that is the design since this is doing the 3/5/1 protocol. Off to get more!!:


Ok I did not plan on posting this every day, but I wanted to let everyone know of the bonehead move I did this morning. I have been using supplements for many years, but every once in a while I think we all do stupid shit. I was excited to try out 3mb3r PWO by Inspired. I looked at one scoop vs two this morning and thought well, 2 scoops should be fine, even if it is 400mg Caffiene Anyhydrous. Dumb dumb dumb. I felt ill throughout my workout and just ran out of energy very quickly. I definitely should have just stuck with one scoop. Either way got through the workout, but I definitely made it harder than I needed too.

Day 3
Deadlift: 5x225, 5x260, 5x295; 10 sets x 5 reps @ 225
Pull-Ups: BWx6,6,6,4,3
Low Back Raise: BWx10, 25x8, 35x8, 45x7, 45x5
DB Rows: 55x10, 60x10, 65x6, 70x5, 75x5
Curls (21’s): 60x21, 60x21

A few things to note:

  • In January at some point I am going to take a stim break (at least cut back) since I have been running PWOs for a while now, so ordered me som Celluvol to check that out.
  • I have been taking Delta-XT by MAN for my sleep aid and it is working great. Does not knock you out, but makes me tired and relaxes me to go to sleep. The best part is I wake up in a good mood and ready to go, so I tihnk the test boosting properties are helping. I tested low for Test a couple months ago (300 ng/dl) and I suffer from Sleep Apnea, so this is a win win for me!!

Wrapped up Week 2 today.

Day 4
OHP: 5x85, 5x100, 5x100; 10 sets x reps @ 85
Lateral Raise: 15x10, 17.5x10, 20x8, 22.5x5, 22.5x5
DB Shrugs: 75x10, 80x10, 85x8, 90x5, 90x5
Knee Raises: 10,10,10,10,10
Flutter Kicks (4 count): 10,10,10,10,10

Day 5
Bench (Raw): 5 sets x 5 reps @ 215
Bench (Sling Shot): 4 sets x 3 reps @ 230
SS1: Incline DB Press/ BB Row: 4 x 10 @ 47.5 / 4 x 10 @ 100
SS2: DB Tri Ext / Lat Pulldown: 4 x 10 @ 20 / 4 x 10 @ 110
SS3: Pushups in Sling Shot / Face Pulls: 4 x 25 / 4 x 25 @ 20

Taking next couple days off due to the holidays and flying to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Happy Holidays everyone!!


Week 3 is in the books finally…was harder than it looked!

Day 1
Squats: 190x5, 215x5, 240x5; 5 x 5 @ 215
Leg Press / Calf Raise / Split Squats: 25-50 reps each

Day 2
Bench: 180x5, 205x5, 230x5; 5 x 5 @ 205
Incline / DB Fly / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 3
Deadlift: 260x5, 295x5, 330x5; 5 x 5 @ 295
Pull-ups / Low Back Raise / Rows: 25-50 reps each
Bicep Curls: 2 sets of 21s

Day 4
OHP: 100x5, 110x5, 125x5; 5 x 5 @ 110
Lateral Raise / Shrugs / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 5
Bench (Raw): 6 sets x 4 reps @ 215
Bench (Sling Shot): 4 sets x 3 reps @ 240
Incline DB / BB Row / Tri Pushdown: 40 reps each

Supplement update
Finished up Delta XT sleep aid tonight (on my last dose), this stuff worked pretty well at relaxing me to go to sleep. I found that when I wake up after taking it that I am ready to go which is an awesome feeling at 4am. Sad to see it go. I also saw some minor results of vascularity thanks to the Epi in it. I recommend this for a sleep aid for sure.

I’ll pots this in my CRV journal, but taking CRV alone post workout did not do much in the recovery department. I was sore as hell all week, so it is not enough alone for recovery for me.

I tried a sample I had of .50 cal PWO (fireball flavor) and it did not do much for me. The dang fireball taste just resonated in my mouth the whole workout and after and I hated it. So not a great sample!


Wrapped up Week 4 the other day. Week 4-6 are the second iteration of the Leader for 5/3/1 Pervertor. I raised my TM for lower body lifts 10 pounds and upper body by 5 pounds. I am starting Week 5 after this post, which kills my OCD since my weeks are running from Thurs - Tues currently!

Leader 1 (week 1 - 3)
Leader 2 (Week 4- 6)
7th Week Deload (Week 7)
Anchor (Week 8 - 10)
7th Week Deload PR Test (Week 11)

Day 1
Squats: 185x5, 210x5, 240x5; 10 x 5 @ 185
Leg Press / Calf Raise / Split Squats: 25-50 reps each

Day 2
Bench: 175 x 5, 200x5, 225x5; 10 x 5 @ 175
Incline / DB Fly / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 3
Deadlift: 250x5, 285x5, 320x5; 10 x 5 @250
Pull-ups / Low Back Raise / Rows: 25-50 reps each
Bicep Curls: 2 sets of 21s

Day 4
OHP: 95x5, 110x5, 125x5; 109 x 5 @ 95
Lateral Raise / Shrugs / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 5
Bench (Raw): 3 sets x 2 reps @ 240
Bench (Sling Shot): 3 sets x 1 rep @ 255
Incline DB / BB Row / Tri Pushdown: 40 reps each

I decided on Shoulders day (Day 4) I am going to try out a sample packet PWO. This week was Razor 8 by AllMax, which I really enjoyed. I had the Blue Rocket flavor whcih was Blue Razz but better. This is a PWO I will have to look into in the future. So far samples I have enjoyed are Devastator (Killer Labz), Lit (GNC), and Razor 8 (AllMax).

In a no shame attempt to get people to post in my log here, what are the most recent supplements that you have enjoyed that stick out to you as a purchase again!! For me is has been:

Delta XT - MAN
SIze - Ghost (ran this twice, a fun treat every now and again)

Obviously I have a thing and respond well to Epicatechin! I have K1ngsBlood but will run that later on as I started to run DAA by RCSS (had 2 bottles I got free over past orders) for the last week. I know DAA is a hit or miss, but I have never ran it so may as well give it a whirl. One week in nothing has changed, but we shal see in next week or so. I do have Low T, so any temporary boost I can feel!


Wrapped up Week 5 yesterday. I have been sick last couple of days, so decided to move my Day 5 routine to next week. It is a bench max test day, then I move to 4 days a week after, but I want to make sure I am 100% before trying it. This is the last week of 10 x 5 sets, so that is awesome!!

Day 1
Squats: 5 x 170,200, 225; 10x5 @ 170
Leg Press / Calf Raise / Split Squats: 25-50 reps each

Day 2
Bench: 5x 160, 185, 210; 10x5 @ 160
Incline / DB Fly / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 3
Deadlift: 5 x 230, 265, 300; [email protected] 230
Pull-ups / Low Back Raise / Rows: 25-50 reps each
Bicep Curls: 2 sets of 21s

Day 4
OHP: 5 x 90, 105, 115; 10 x 5 @ 90
Lateral Raise / Shrugs / Abs: 25-50 reps each

This was the last light week of the routine as well. Starting Week 6 on Thursday, or whenever I knock this bug outta my system.

My PWO Sample of the week was DVST8 by Inspired. I did not really care for it.


Week 6 is in the books, so that ends Leader #2 for this program. Next week is the 7th Week Deload, then we jump into 3 weeks of the Anchor, and conclude this with a 7th week Deload PR Test. I did the days in a different order this week than usual.

Day 1
Bench: 5x 185, 210, 235; [email protected]
Incline / DB Fly / Abs - 25-50 reps each

Day 2
Squats: 5x200, 225, 250; [email protected]
Leg Press / Calf Raise / Split Squats: 25-50 reps each

Day 3
OHP: 5 x 105, 120, 130; [email protected]
Lateral Raise / Shrugs / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 4
Deadlifts: 5x265, 300, 340; [email protected]
Pull-Ups / Low Back Raise / DB Rows : 25-50 reps each
Bicep Curls - 2 sets of 21s

Current Status of Program:

Leader 1 (Weeks 1 - 3)
Leader 2 (Weeks 4- 6)
7th Week Deload (Week 7)
Anchor (Weeks 8 - 10)
7th Week Deload PR Test (Week 11)


7th Week Deload

Day 1
Squats: 190x5, 220x5, 250x1, 275x1
Leg Press / Calf Raise / Split Squats: 25-50 reps each

Day 2
Bench: 175x5, 200x5, 225x1, 250x1
Incline / Fly / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Day 3
Deadlift: 255x5, 290x5, 330x1, 365x1
Pull-ups / Low Back Raise / DB Rows: 25-50 reps each
Bicep Curls: 2 sets of 21s

Day 4
OHP: 100x5, 115x5, 125x1, 140x1
Lat Raise / Shrugs / Abs: 25-50 reps each

Nice Deload week complete. Taking the next 2 days off for rest, and starting the Anchor on Tuesday. This will be the final 3 weeks of the workout plan, and last week gets some joker sets to test where I am at. Will finalize this plan with a Deload PR Test week. So in about a month I will post final results of this program.


A little late in posting this, as I am halfway through Week 9, but Week 8 was its own slice of hell with Widow Maker sets!!

Anchor Week 8

Day 1
Squats: 190x3, 220x3, 250x5, 275x1, 300x1; 190x20 (10,5,5)
Good Mornings / Russian Twist / Seated Calf Raise: 50 reps each

Day 2
Bench: 175x3, 200x3, 225x4, 255x1, 275x1; 175x20 (10,8,2)
DB Shoulder Press / T-Bar Row / Tri Pushdown: 50 reps each

Day 3
Deadlifts: 225x3, 290x3, 330x4, 365x1, 400x1; 255x20 (10,5,3,2)
Goblet Squat / Weighted Crunch / Lunges: 50 reps each

Day 4
OHP: 100x3, 115x3, 130x4, 140x1, 155x1; 100x20 (10,5,5)
DB Bench Press / Lat Pulldown / Preacher Curl / Face Pulls: 50 reps each

Heavy’ish week for the first Anchor week as this threw in some joker sets up to 110% of TM. Week 9 goes back to 5s progression and Week 10 will test my new maxes. This whole program finishes out with a Deload PR test week at Week 11, then I will post my final resutls. It has been a decent program to run and a good butt kicker at times!


Finished Week 9 last week and am currently on the final week of the anchor, which add higher weight than my December PR’s due to joker sets. So far so good, but I don’t wanna spoil my final training results for the program!

Week 9

Day 1
Squats: 1805x5, 205x5, 235x5; [email protected]
Good Mornings/Russian Twists/Seated Calf Raises

Day 2
Bench: 165x5, 190x5, 215x5; [email protected]
DB Shoulder Press / T-Bar Row/ Tri Pushdown

Day 3
Deadlifts: 253x5, 275x5, 310x5; [email protected]
Goblet Squat / Weighted Crunches / Lunges

Day 4
OHP: 90x5, 105x5, 120x5; [email protected]
DB Bench / Lat Pulldown / Bicep Curls / Face Pulls

Easy week before heavy week!


Finished up Week 10 this morning, so here are the results, I will list final outcomes from this program (even though I have a deload week left) as this was PR week.

Day 1
Squat: 205x5, 235x3, 260x3, 290x1, 315x1; [email protected]
Good Mornings / Russian Twist / Seated Calf Raise

Day 2
Bench: 190x5, 215x3, 240x3, 265x1, 290x1; [email protected]
DB Shoulder Press / T-Bar Row / Tri Pushdown

Day 3
Deadlift: 275x5, 310x3, 345x2, 380x1, 420x0 (Fail), 415x0 (Fail), 410x1; [email protected]
Goblet Squat / Weighted Crunch / Lunges

Day 4
OHP: 105x5, 120x3, 135x3, 150x1, 165x1; [email protected]
DB Bench Press / Lat Pulldowns / Preacher Curl / Face Pulls

Final Thoughts on 5/3/1 Pervertor ( 2 x Leaders, Deload, 1 x Anchor)
Here are my numbers of max lift compared to the last time I tested them in December 2018

Squat: 300 x 1 (Dec 6, 2018) ----> 315x1 (Feb 19)
Bench: 285 x 1 (Dec 7, 2018) -----> 290x1 (Feb 20)
Deadlift: 405x1 (Dec 8, 2018) ------> 410x1 (Feb 22)
OHP: 155x1 (Dec 8, 2018) ------> 165x1 (Feb 23)

So biggest increase was Squat. I went off the numbers in the program itself for the joker sets, instead of guessing where I was at. The only lift I could not get was the Deadlift, which was a shame. I also tried to bench 300 and failed, but that was not part of the program. So overall good results from an 10 week program. Going to Deload next week, then do some light lifting for a week or so before I jump on my next program.

Overall thoughts was this program was a good challenge at certain points. A lot of volume in the beginning with 10x5 sets, which taper off to 5x5 towards the end. A nice program if you love doing reps of 5, with a lot of reps with assistance work. I know my lifts are not the greatest, but considering I have had ankle surgery less than a year ago, and have multiple injuries due to 20 years in the Army, I am happy with my numbers and glad to be in the 1,000 pound club!! If anyone ever wants to give this a shot let me know and I can send you my excel I have built out. Thanks for reading (if anyone does). I will post up my Deload next week then this journal will be closed.


Great work thus far. Good job man


Well just finished the last workout, to round out my 11 weeks of 5/3/1 Pervertor. Sad to say I won’t be getting to say that name anymore.

This week was a 7th week Deload PR test. So the new 85% you moved up to, the goal is to hit 3-5 reps to ensure you are at the correct weight before moving on. Ironically this comes out to more than 85% of my actual 1RM, so was a good week!

Day 1
Squat: 200x5, 230x5, 255x5, 285x4
Good Mornings / Russian Twists / Seated Calf Raises

Day 2
Bench: 180x5, 205x5, 230x5, 255x3
DB Shoulder Press / T-Bar Row / Tri Pushdown (bar)

Day 3
Deadlift: 260x5, 300x5, 335x5, 375x3
Goblet Squat / Weighted Crunch / Lunges

Day 4
OHP: 105x5, 120x5, 130x5, 150x3
DB Bench / Lat Pulldown / Preacher Curls / Face Pulls

All in all I enjoyed the program, and saw the biggest improvement in my Squat. A good program for those that want to stay around 5 reps, and vary the amount of volume from week to week. Another good 5/3/1 program if you enjoy them!

Now to figure out what program to run next, I have a few in the hopper for ideas. I will be doing full body next monday and tuesday, then I fly to Pittsburgh for a week on Wednesday for a job fair and house hunting. So I will spend that time deloading a bit and working out in the hotel. I will start up a new program when I get back, but not sure I will post it up or not. Thanks for reading.]

This log is CLOSED!!