DaSlaya runs CreRiboVol

I have never heard much about MPA supplements until @Clipper83 did a review on SR about CelluVol. Recently I decided to check out Matt Porters Supplement line and found CreRiboVol to be interesting and the dosing seemed just right. I personally love to find a good recovery product.

I started CreRiboVol 7 days ago and got the Pineapple Mango flavor. I will post my thoughts as I go along with this log, and if I am missing any info or you guys want more info on something, just let me know.

Inital thoughts (Day 7)

Taste: Well first of all the taste is not great at all. It is drinkable, but it just does not taste good and not something I look forward to slugging down post workout.

Mixability: This takes some effort and I use the recommended 14-16oz of water. You have to vigorously shake this up for it to mix, and if you let it sit for a minute the powder moves to the bottom of the shaker, so just ensure you shake it up before every sip.

Effectiveness: Now that the vanity stuff is out of the way lets talk the important stuff. I have been taking a 5g BCAA Supplement (Amino-Tone by RCSS) Intra-workout for the first 5 days on this. Yesterday was a rest day, so I only dosed CreRiboVol as my recovery drink for the day. I woke up today feeling pretty recovered. I have about a week left on Amino-Tone, so after this week I will stick with just taking CreRiboVol to see how much recovery it truly gives me. This will give me an idea how it goes with 5g BCAAs (for 2 weeks) and on its own (for 2 weeks). So far, so good.

For my workout I started 5/3/1 Pervertor last week as well. It has some high volume included and averages 65 reps of your main lift each day, and I am lifting 5 days a week. So recovery for me is paramount for this workout.


One thing I forgot to note so far is the fact that CRV helps keep me full until breakfast. I get home from the gym around 830am and do not eat breakfast until 10am. So CRV + my Post workout Protein Shake helps out a lot.

I emailed Matt Porter to see best way to run this, so going forward I am going to stop using BCAAs intra, and use CRV on its own for a couple weeks. Then I will probably incorporate Pharmgrade EAAs the last week or so on this to see how it stacks, then I can also log how Pharmgrade does on its own after. I always get excited when I try out a new brand that looks legit!!

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I ordered Phargrade EAA and Celluvol from MPA on Thursday last week and the package arrived on Saturday. Now that is some fast shipping, lucky for me it ships from Spokane, WA and I live in Tacoma, WA. I emailed Matt Porter a few times and have determined the best way to run and rate CRV is to take it ONLY on training days post workout.

I have already taken just CRV a couple of times post workout and no other Amino source (except Protein). It has worked very well actually, and the DOMS monster did not get me. This week I am in Pittsburgh (neighborhood and house hunting for a future move), so will get back in the gym tomorrow. Someone please bump or comment so I can continue to log CRV going forward. So far so good!

Had a bit of a weird week and a half. My plan to workout while I was in Pittsburgh all last week did not quite pan out as I had hoped, and as of Sunday I have been sick as a dog! My left ankle that I had reconstructive surgery on last March acted up all week, apparently I can only walk so far these days. Healing up and resting, and should be back in the gym tomorrow, so expect to see updates this week in this and my training log. Hope everyone had a great new years and X-mas!!


Back on the horse! Finally got back in the gym yesterday, sweated out a lot of the illness and my sweat fest in bed last night (nothing sexual, just sweating) I believe rid the ailment. So here is the plan moving forward:

  • 3 January - 12 January: Run CRV post workout (1 scoop), nothing on rest days.
  • After 12 January - Finish: Incorporate Pharmgrade EAA intra-workout and keep same CRV protocol.

This plus what I have already tried will give me a good idea to be able to review CRV as a stand a lone, as well as combined with a BCAA (already did that) or EAA product. Off to crush some weights!

CRV Alone Thoughts

After a the last week of running CRV alone, 1 scoop post workout on training days only and no other BCAA/EAA or recovery product, I can say that this needs to be stacked with something that aids more in recovery. I was suffering from some pretty bad DOMS while using this alone. Outside of the Leucine this to me is more of a nice post workout carb, creatine drink anyways, so it covers those bases nicely.

From here on out I will be running CRV the same way, but adding in Pharmgrade EAA intra-workout.

Now it has been over a week with me running Pharmgrade EAA intra, and still 1 scoop CRV post. This is a great combination and it keeps my doms at bay! The CRV flavor has actually grown on me, now I like it, which is different from when I started. I am nearing the end of CRV so will be posting up a full review once it is done.

I will not log it, but will also review Pharmgrade EAA as well since MPA supps are not all that well known.

Last dose of CRV taken this morning. Be on the lookout in next few days for my full review, which I will link on here as well!

MPA puts out some awesome stuff.

I’ve never taken that dose of D-Ribose (not even close) and am very curious…

Yeah Ribose was fairly new to me, it seems like it does well at this dose.

Review is posted up!

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