DaSlaya reviews Proven Joint

DaSlaya reviews Proven Joint

Proven Joint - Gaspari Nutrition

Why I chose this
@Dougefresh93 was kind enough to hook me up to try out Proven Joint here on PP after I was discussing the amount of pain my joints endured during my career in the Army. I always take some sort of a joint supplement daily, as my joints are all jacked up. Typically, I take Curcumin once or twice a day, as I have had no luck with other companies Joint supplements in the past. Let us see how this one worked out.

I am going to do a bit of a deep dive here, as I am curious to why this product worked so well for me. Obviously I am not going to list out each ingredient since you can see them and the fully disclosed label of dosage in the picture above. I am going to pull out the ones that I believe had the most effect for me.

Glucosamine Sulfate - Derived from shellfish and used to provide minor pain relief. Glucosamine sulfate slightly delays the progression of knee osteoarthritis. (Examine) Recommended dose is 900 - 1,500mg daily, here we get 1,200 mg so perfectly in the middle.

Chondroitin Sulfate - Frequently paired with glucosamine as a combination therapy to help treat joint pain and stiffness, among other symptoms of osteoarthritis. (Examine) Recommended dose is 1,000 - 1,200mg daily, however we only get 500mg here, but you can get the full amount if you were to take this twice a day. I found no need.

Curcumin - The active ingredient of turmeric and is also found in ginger. Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory and often paired with black pepper to maximize absorption. (Examine) This stuff I love, and here we get Turmeric Root Extract 95% Curcumin at 250mg per serving. Typically I take 400mg twice a day with food, but here at this dose it seems to work just fine. Normally I would think the Curcumin dose is low, but this seems to work well with the other ingredients in here.

Boswellia Serrata - A herb which appears to be quite anti-inflammatory and helpful against osteoarthritis. In Proven Joint we get Boswellia Serrata Extract 65% Bosweillen at 150mg per serving. You can take up to 1,800mg three times a day, but commonly this is taken at 100-250mg once a day. Good dosing here.

I am not sure if these are the reason I found so much success, but you get this and much more. Being a guy that used to suffer from low T (Pre-TRT), I like the addition of Boron in here. Overall I like the profile.

Dosing / Taste
Dosing - Simple enough, I took one serving (3 red pills) at breakfast. I had no reason to take this twice a day, it worked fine this way.

Taste - If you have taken Anavite, then you are used to the big horse pills from Gaspari. I had no problem swallowing them, but if you do not like big pills you may run into some issues. I did not a strange smell to them the first time I opened up the bottle, but I got used to it over time. Dougefresh93 let me know that the smell and color of the pills are from the Tumeric.

So like most supplements out there you need to give it time to saturate in the body. After around Day 7 I started to notice some small improvements, and the small little aches n pains in the wrists and such were slowly going away. Around the 10-12 day mark is when I realized that my joint pain was pretty much gone. My joint pain will never completely be gone (repaired ankles, arthritis in my whole body etc…) but it was very noticeable that this was helping the additional wear and tear I provide on my body by strength training. From this point on until the end my joints felt great, best in a long time to be honest.

I thought maybe this was a placebo effect, so it has now been about 5 days or so since running out of Proven Joint and yeah the normal aches and pains are back. No placebo effect, it just worked!

The one good thing about a Gaspari product is it is available on multiple sites. The normal price here is $29.99 for a 30 day serving, so not completely horrible but of course there are cheaper alternatives. Currently, Gaspari is having a BOGO 50% off sale (use code BEMINE) and you can snag up 2 bottles for around $53 which is a great deal in my eyes when you factor in how well it worked. Remember price is much more than the Deal you get, I also tie in effectiveness.

Other sites you can snag this up on (I found via PP) is iHerb ($23.74), DPS Nutrition ($23.99), Muscle & Strength ($24.99), and Natural Body ($26.99). Grab this and stock up on a deal or just ask @GaspariDan or @Dougefresh93 to help you find a deal.

Final Thoughts
Going to let the picture below give you my true final thoughts on this, but yeah this was the best joint product I have tried to date. I did a little research on it and realized it is fairly new to the market, as it was released August 2019. So hopefully leaves the ingredients alone in this one for a long time, because you have a recurring customer here. I highly recommend!


Great review! Even though you’re a Steeler’s fan. ; )

I have no room to talk. Born, raised, and never lived anywhere other than Dallas-Fort Worth. My Cowboys are my curse.

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Thank you. Hey we all gotta represent our boys! I am curious your thoughts on what you think is so effective in here for you, since you have said this works great for you as well. My favorite part of the supplement game is figuring out those magical ingredients that work great for you, and I love how everyone is so different in reactions. Makes it fun!

Doug20 at Gaspari is the play mayne

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Use the better codes… I don’t get anything for the usage of my codes (if it even works anymore).

@DaSlaya Thank you for the detailed review, appreciate it and the time you put into it.


For real? Good approach for reps - makes me take your feedback way more seriously (no offense).

We are paid employees, it really for ambassadors or “athletes” who’s comp is based on products moved or posts made.

We get what we get no matter what, no post count or promo work needed.

I get more product than I could ever use, so I’m happy to share where I can (on my dime).


Didn’t know y’all we’re employees. Always assumed it was an ambassador type role. That’s awesome!


^^^ Exactly what I thought too. None the less I am going to still market “Doug20” To support @Dougefresh93 for how well he takes care of his consumers.

HUGE thank you for the support and review of Proven Joint. You know we appreciate your feedback and continued use of the product. As you said… hard to argue the results when you discontinue use and feel the discomfort come right back.


Doug and I have been wheeling & dealing for 3+ years together with Gaspari… we have seen a lot come and go including several forums. Impressed with PP forum’s community and happy to be here!


Appreciate you guys letting me try this out! As i always say, easy to review when it works! Now just let me know when some sweet T Shirts are available on the site so they don’t sell out on me lol


Looks like I’ll definitely be trying this out after I run out of Flexatril. It was already on my radar.


Better than Flexatril. I’ve used multiple bottles of both.