DaSlaya Reviews Project Colossus (John Meadows)

DaSlaya Reviews Project Colossus (John Meadows)

Project Colossus - John Meadows Program Review

What I will and will not do
I always hate to read program reviews and the metrics people use are I went from x lbs/kgs on my Squat, Bench, Deadlifts to x lbs/kg. Yeah I get it, its numbers and can show how the program helped you, the problem is that people are in different levels of working out and are at different points in their lives so its not the best judge of a program in my opinion. What I will do here though is to explain the intent of the program, my thoughts, and anything I really liked or disliked about it. Disclaimer out of the way, lets get started.

What is Project Colossus
This is a 6 week LOW Volume, High Intensity program that is split out in a Pull, Push, Leg fashion. The program is designed to be run 5 or 6 days a week with about 7 different weekly variations you can customize to your weak areas. For me, I ran this 5 days a week in this split

Day 1 - Pull
Day 2 - Push
Day 3 - Legs
Day 4 - REST
Day 5 - Pull (pump)
Day 6 - Push (pump)
Day 7 - REST

Now life didn’t always go as planned and some weeks I did 5 days in a row, and other times I had a different split, but this was the idea and for the most part I hit the 5 workouts weekly.

My Thoughts
I have no hard number metrics here to show you my gainz while running this, so instead I am going to just tell you what I liked and disliked. Overall, I feel as if my overall strength in everything (chest, arms, shoulders, legs etc…) improved. The program is designed in a way to improve weight with the same rep ranges at different weeks. I track my workouts and progress using Bodyspace (free app from bb.com) and as the weeks went by there was constant improvement in all exercises. I did not test a 1RM before or after this, so no clue there, and those days may be long gone for me at this point in my life.

  • Variation: This is the biggest thing that stood out to me. Pull day on week 1 would be a little different than pull day on week 2 and other weeks. They were very minor changes on exercises, and which ones you would do a drop set with, but it was enough to keep the plan exciting and to shock your muscles.

  • Time: The first first 3 days of the week I would average around 65-75 minutes a workout. That is good because if it got much longer I would have to really rush to get to work on time, so this was fine. The last 2 days of the week would average to 45-50 minutes. I liked this as well as my body felt a bit beat up towards the end of each week so having those slightly less intense workouts were helpful.

  • Pump Days: I never really put much emphasis on a pump in a workout, I just figure if I do hypertrophy style training then I should have a nice pump. These days are not called Pump for fun, you get a good one. The muscle groups remain the same these days but the exercises change, so it works out nicely.

  • Finishers: These would change daily. Some days you would finish with a cluster set, other days you would finish an exercise with Drop Sets. Sometimes you would just do a solid couple of sets. This change up was nice, as you really didn’t know what to expect each session, and it usually left me with that nice muscle pain from working hard.

This will be short because there was not much I did not enjoy. What I had a hard time wrapping my head around was the little focus on the big lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlifts, OHP). For the last few years I have been doing 5/3/1 or GZCL varieties, and they very much are focused on the big lifts. Too many past injuries from my Army days, and hitting the big 40 this year requires me to focus away from 1RM days. After a couple weeks I did realize that not focusing on the big lifts will not make me weaker, so I was fine with it.

Final Thoughts
I love how John Meadows wrote this, I would save the PDF and open it at the gym along with Bodyspace and read as I went. It felt as if he was there coaching me with the way he writes, so it was cool. A few times I did curse John out, saying what are you doing to me, LOL. One specific exercise that did that was the Destroyer Sets

You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxFs72mYYsM
Routine: 20lbs DB x 20 (warm up)
40lb DB x 60, then 20lb DB x 30, then 10lb DB x 10

Things like this exercise are what brings a nice variety to working out. Every workout seemed to go real fast for me in my head even though I knew it took over an hour. I do suggest you give this a whirl if you want a good program to check out if you like John Meadows’ style, I am a big fan now. I will be moving on to High Evolutionary next (another 6 week one) after X-mas activities, so thank you to @thesolution for taking care of me on that.

This was my first program review I have written, so any input on what to change in the future is appreciated. I want to review these programs as I go to bring more awareness.


Really good review

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Friend please can you help me. I am 33 years old. I’m natural. I have been training continuously for 3 years with a split bro. doing each muscle once a week but repeating arms. I got good weight gains. 36 pounds. then I switched to a more frequent routine and lost size. So I don’t know if I will go back to the bro split I used to. or make some bro split size program. please you who recommends me a Bro Split or Jonh Meadows: Project Colossus, The High Evolutionary. I don’t like doing Upper / Lower. neither Full Body. I want to continue gaining weight naturally. Thanks and greetings from Colombia south america.

I found High Evolutionary to be better than Project Colossus. Don’t get me wrong they both worked great, and I think the all around will work well for you. Paging @TheSolution

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Then you will love the GrandMaster that just came out!

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Awesome, yeah once it looks like my gym will be opening back up I will be hitting you up for a deal on the GrandMaster. Since I have to reset my plan anyways, may as well knock the new one out!

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Yes sir.

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thanks friend. can i find you on instagram or facebook?

DId you find your solution though? My breakdown is here: Project Colossus: Push, Pull, Legs : High Evo: Legs, Chest , Back , Arms, Leg Etc… so your preference here. As is said i found myself better off in the HE world! before you buy a thing @TheSolution has them cheaper i enjoy it doesn’t mean you will

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Thank you very much, I already have The High Evolutionary. My doubt is that I do not understand the examples that appear at the front of each exercise. .
EXAMPLE: Chest, 2 total work sets:
This is an example of what it could look like:
25’s x 20
45’s x 15
65’s x 6
85’s x 6
100’s x10
100’s x 10 (fail at 10), then 70s x 8, then 50s x 8

100’s x 10 = work set
100’s x Dropset = 2nd work set.

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yup what bob said! basically at the end of each routine he writes how many wok sets, those are the important ones. the rest are warm ups and work up sets, if that makes sense.

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Thank you very much, then number 100 is an example of weight and number 10 repetitions? : Weight X reps?

100 = weight
10 = reps

that is also outlined on his program (since you have it) on how it is written/structured

For example on day 1 workout 1 for legs

This is your base leg movement. Our target reps on this program for the first 3 weeks is 10 reps. Each week the goal is to use more weight to get your 10 reps.

135 x 10 (weight x reps)
185 x 10 (weight x reps)
225 x 6 (Weight x reps)
275 x 6 (Weight x reps)
315 – 10 (2-3 reps left in tank) 345 – 10 (1 rep left in tank)


Thank you, only that English is difficult for me , but with this example I already understand, thank you!!!