DaSlaya Reviews Amino PM

DaSlaya Reviews Amino PM

Why I chose this
First, let me start with YES I jumped on the Battle Shaker band wagon, and yes it is PRICEPLOWS fault! I love them Anyways, I like to keep a good sleep aid around and take it the night before my workouts. I suffer from severe Sleep Apnea, so any little extra boost to help me sleep with that damn mask on is welcome. I saw on PP that this was the #1 ranked Sleep aid, so I decided to give it a whirl.


Way too many ingredients to really get into here, but as you can see its a stacked label. You get much more than your average sleep aid out there. I really like the Adrenal support aspect since we never give our adrenal glands enough love after abusing them with our PWOs. I try to stay away from Melatonin since it gives me a sleep hangover, but 3mg is not a big deal at all. Pretty nice profile at 2 scoops.

Like most sleep aids that contain GABA, the protocol here is to take it no more than 5 days as week. This way you do not build up a tolerance. I only take sleep aids if I am working out the next morning, so for me that usually means 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off split.

I always dosed this at 2 scoops, as it looked to be what the product was meant for in my opinion.


As you can see this foams up like crazy after the initial shaking. This never affected how easy it was to drink for me though. It mixed well and did not leave any wasted grit on the bottom, so don’t let that foam throw you off.

Pineapple Mango - The flavor was a little rough at first and took some getting used to, but after a week or so I did not mind it so much. It actually reminded me a lot of CreRiboVol, not horrible to drink, but nothing too exciting. You get a hint of mango and barely any pineapple, but I had no issues slugging it down each night.

I currently have the Goodnight Grape flavor in my closet, and I will update this section when I try that out down the road.

This was one of the best sleep aids I have taken, no joke. I average around 6 hours of sleep a night without any sleep aids, and with this my worst night was 6 hours and 40 minutes. The majority of the time I would sleep 7-8 hours, which is pretty great for me, and great for recovery of course.

Getting to sleep: This would relax me and my eyelids would start to feel heavy within 30 minutes of taking Amino PM. This is not enough to knock you out, but its enough that when I was ready to go to sleep, I would fall asleep with ease which is nice.

Staying asleep: I would still occasionally wake up once in the middle of the night, typically to hit the bathroom (curse of getting old, but being hydrated). I would feel very much in zombie mode doing this, but not to the point where I would not have my wits about me. Afterwards I could fall back asleep no problem.

Waking up: There were days I woke up refreshed and ready to get in the gym and there were days I would just wanna chill in bed and watch TV. So I got an even mix here, but I never once had a sleep hangover. I truly liked you only get 3mg of Melatonin with 2 scoops.

Overall, this was amazing for me. I would rate this the second best sleep aid of all time I have taken, but currently the best one since the other one is no longer made. It was the original formula of Resurrect PM.

So yeah, if you don’t find a deal it is a little on the expensive side. This kind of falls in the category of you get what you pay for, quality of quantity, or whatever fancy slogan eases your pain. I snagged this for $41.99 from Amazon with free shipping. So that comes out to $2.10 per serving. I did not mind since it worked so well, and this will last you a full 4 weeks.

Muscle Elements recently had a sale which was buy 1 item get 1 50% off, so I took advantage of that and got myself another tub since I enjoyed this so much. Just be on the lookout for sales and just look PP for alerts on prices. So my final words on price, expensive but worth it to me.

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Grape sounds delicious, let me know how that bad boy goes. I remember PP reviewing this awhile back, maybe around last summer I think. I recall sweating my ass off tanning and watching the review. Can’t wait for summer now!

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I had a good run with this stuff, but the flavor needs a LOT of work. It’s horrendous to me and I never got used to it lol. Primeval’s EAA Sleep is light years ahead on flavor, but no doubt Amino PM works just as well if not better.


Yeah the Pineapple Mango took a bit to get used to. I’ll never forget my first sip, I was like oh dear lord! I guess after a while I just got used to it, then was like its good enough. I am hoping the Grape will be better.


I prefer core zzz. Glad you enjoyed it though! Its always awesome to get a good night sleep.


RIght on, I actually started Core zzz last night, the knockout punch flavor is AMAZING!!! In about a month I’ll be throwing up a review of that guy!

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Couldn’t figure out how to edit and add this to the review itself. Trying the Goodnight Grape flavor currently, and it is god awful. A hint of grape, and just badness follows. Have to muscle this down, I recommend other flavors, not Grape! Its a good thing this product works wonders for me.

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