DaSlaya Logs Blade PM by Blue Star

DaSlaya Logs Blade PM by Blue Star

So I decided to act on the 50% off pills sale Blue Star recently had on their site, and use their very generous $25 gift certificate they gave me for my last review. I wanted to try out their new Sleep aid Blade PM since I had such a good time with Shake One. So from time to time I will toss in my results for the night, bear in mind I am not using this for Fat Burning (though it is not a bad effect to have), but more for the sleep aid aspect.

I started this last night so here are the results:

Night 1: Directions state to take 1 hour before bed time, but I tend to take my sleep aids then watch some tv in bed. Well in less than 30 minutes I was out like a light which was awesome, because lately it has been taking me almost an hour to fall asleep. I got 6 hours and 20 minutes of uninterrupted sleep straight before I woke up. Granted I would like some more sleep, but this is a good start as I tend to always wake up at least once in the night. So far so good.

I will post more as this month goes along…


Definitely tagging along for the ride :grin:

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Quick pop in today…

Day 2: 6 hours and 45 minutes of sleep, so bumping it up slowly. Took me close to an hour to fall asleep last night after taking it, but that was on me, because I was engaged at looking things up on my phone… However in 45 minutes or so, the tired’ness set in and again, OUT like a light! Woke up once though to go pee, but that is okay…don’t wanna piss the bed :slight_smile:

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Last few days have been 5.5 hours of sleep and around 6 hours of sleep respectively. However, I do not blame Blade PM on this as I have been a bit stressed, since I have decided to find a job in Pittsburgh, and the waiting game is killing me. I did weigh myself at the gym Post workout on Friday, so will do this weekly while running Blade PM, and I came in at 234, which is awesome and the lowest I have been in years.

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So it has been 9 days since I started Blade PM. I still average around 6 hours of sleep a night, but it is important to note that 7 of the 9 nights I have had 6 hours uninterrupted sleep. Twice I got woken up by real world events (dog barking at nothing at 1am, and bathroom) but other than that I just sleep 6 hours. I feel fairly refreshed when I wake up with not grogginess or anything.

I am going to keep weighing myself post workout on Fridays, today I came in at 233, so 1 pound less than last week. I have not changed a single thing in my diet, and actually drank more beer last weekend due to Steelers game on. So that is a win win lol. Again, not even trying to drop weight here.

In the coming days I will discuss the ingredient breakdown and my thoughts on that.