Cyber Monday Mania?

Cyber Monday Mania?


Just wondering if anyone is going to go shopping for supplements on this Cyber Monday ?
I am going after some Dymatize Peanut Butter protein.


I’m rather heartbroken, but sadly, it’s just not in the budget this year. Hope things are better next year. I’ve been drooling over Black Friday deals for a week now :sob:


I completely understand that. All I ordered was a 5lb tub of Peanut Butter Dymatize. Good deal on it.


Trying to limit it to protein this year. I’ve already purchased everything for my next two cycles, so I’m set. The last few years I went a little overboard and ended up buying more than I needed. has some pretty decent deals, especially on Cellucor protein. Must…Resist…


Went in on the Tiger fitness deal for today. Made sure to purchase one side of things on black friday and the other side today so I got in on both deals


I got a 5lb tub of Dymatize peanut butter ISO-100 shipped for only $54. Pretty darn good deal.


I picked that up a few months back. Was a bit disappointed. Chocolate Coconut is great though!


Cybro monday is the biggest ever this year


USP Labs is offering a great deal on Modern Protein


I added a few more deals the the Black Friday / Cyber Monday thread just now.

Haven’t picked up anything myself, so far I’ve just bought some OL Endur3, Triumph, Massacr3 and Epi1logue. I’m stocked on protein already.


Yep. Ordered this morning and already got shipping confirmation! Plus, best vanilla flavored protein ever


I agree / have you tried the salted caramel?


Oh man, peanut butter is the best. That’s why I got a 5lb tub…:slight_smile: Everyone’s taste is different.


Can you send me your invoice @SFreed ???



Coupon Codes:
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:boom:PES Select - BOGO 50% Off (4lbs for $45) + 10% off Discount
:boom:Cellucor Whey - 2 for $40 + 10% off Discount

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@TheSolution Do you run Campus Protein ? I just recently heard of this online store and it seems pretty decent.


Also curious about this


I do not run Campus Protein. I am an affiliate/Rep for them.
But I do offer better deals out of my own pocket via giveaway’s and refunds for those who purchase Through

I recently gave away 6 Full sized products and am refunding customers who spend over $100 for the deals and covering their shipping. My way of giving back to those who support me


^Bob (the solution) is good peeps DO NOT hesitate to work with him. A+ customer service. I did mostly all my shopping through him this weekend :slight_smile:


You also got a full sized products, samples, my baked goods to boot for your purchase :slight_smile: