Current Favorite Products

Current Favorite Products


Hey PricePlow Family!

This is a new thread I’m devoting to weekly updates! Each week, I’ll post a new category of supplements and members can feel free to share their “top 5” of that category!

Give a list, some background as to why you like it, and let’s see what everyone has to offer!

This first week should inspire participation, let’s do Protein Powder!

Matt’s Current Top 5 Protein:

(1). USN Zero Carb “Apple Pie” - This stuff blew me away and I’m loving the pastry esque aroma and flavor! It has a buttery and cinnamon element that is perfectly balanced. Plus, it’s under a gram of fat and under a gram of carbs per serving! BONUS - their Vanilla and Molten Chocolate flavors are phenomenal also, even for being “traditional” flavors!

(2). Ghost “PB Cereal Milk” - A salty and sweet combo. A bit higher in calories (140) than most would prefer, but the taste is a Peanut Butter lover’s dream.

(3). Adaptogen Science “Chocolate Truffle” - A true cocoa flavor with a bold chocolate taste. For those who enjoy chocolate cake, this is the closest protein I’ve had that mimics that flavor!

(4). USN “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip” - Combine sweet and rich cocoa with a salty creamy peanut butter (and mini chocolate chip pieces) and this is what you get. This is not an isolate, so be warned. The taste is really great for me these days!

(5). Spartan Whey “Cookies and Cream” - A great blended protein, which I would utilize most as a before bed shake, as there is some casein in the blend. So far, this is tied for my favorite CnC flavor (love to MTS for taste, but those macros are heavy IMO). Great mix-ability for smoothies and shakes alike!


Top Protein:

  1. XF 2.0 Lemon Cream Pie … if you never had it you will soon figure out why its the bomb… Legit lemon cream pie with the graham cracker aftertaste like a true pie
  2. Beverly Cookies and Cream UMP --> Favorite CNC on the market IMO tastes like a milkshake
  3. Metabolic Nutrition PB Cookie --> Favorite PB On the market IMO
  4. Ghost Blueberry Toaster Pastry --> Sweet, strong in Blueberry and the poptart chunks are icing on the cake
  5. MSI Lean Whey Oatmeal Cookie --> As a person who loves oatmeal cookies (Favorite cookie next to white chocolate macadamia nut) this hits the spot and is dead on

I could interchange a few others pending on what I am in the mood for some honorable mentions but everyones taste buds will differ

MTS Pumpkin Pie (Basic B favorite)
XF 2.0 Triple Chocolate (best chocolate on the market IMO)
PES Vanilla (Best Vanilla on the market IMO)
XF 2.0 Strawberry (now Discontinued), so my all time favorite strawberry still out with be MuscleLean
Dymatize PB (Legit PB Taste but the cookie aspect in Metabolic gives it the edge)
XF 2.0 Cinnamon Roll or Spartan Cinna Crunch (For Cinnamon Lovers)


Should do favorite products that taste like crap. Like Hypermax for me


2 men that I trust…great stuff


  1. Dymatize Choc PB (ISO-100)
  2. Dymatize Orange (ISO-100)
  3. MTS PB C&C
    4 Adaptogen Choc Truffle (based on Matt’s suggestion (pause for free plug)
  4. USP Labs Vanilla

I recall using UMP C&C ‘back in the day’…I’ll have to try to pick some up again…


UMP now has angel food cake flavored protein. I am using some currently. It isn’t bad.


I’ve heard that flavor is pretty good. They’re actually manufactured a little bit north of me, in KY


Now THIS is something we need to review!


It’s decent in water so I bet its pretty tasty in milk. I haven’t tried it in milk yet.


So I see MPI…which I like in USP Labs Vanilla…but the Calcium Caseinate? Asking for a friend of course.


Sounds like I need to pick up some USN… that PB&J flavor also looks good


@TheSolution talks about this USP Labs vanilla protein. I am so curious about it. I have tried their carmel cookie stix flavor.


How was that flavor? I know I may have to pick up their vanilla one of these days… will be tough for anyone to beat PES IMO


I really like this idea, I’m always looking for recommendations.

Here is my top 5

  1. Merica Labz Yankee F’n Doodle -has actual cinnamon toast crunch pieces (GOAT cereal)
  2. Merica Labz Fortuitous Keepsakes -has actual lucky charms marshallows
  3. Ghost Cereal Milk- I know this flavor is controversial, but I am one of those who loves it. I definitely get the Captain Crunch flavor, and as you can probably tell by my top 3 I am a cereal junkie.
  4. MTS Cookies and Cream
  5. PES Vanilla- probably the best vanilla protein powder I have had to date and very versatile

I’ve been meaning to try Beverley CNC per @TheSolution 's recommendation, and I’ve gotta add XF Lemon Cream Pie to my list as well. That sounds insane


The carmel cookie stix grew on me. I wasn’t sure about it at first but the more I drank it, the more I liked it. I finished the tub pretty quick…LOL


I can send you a sample of the angel food cake.


Its awesome. I have a ton of videos with the vanilla on my youtube too
Bakes perfect

@Bkupneiwski for any youtube recipes and videos you wanna check out.


My top proteins

  1. XF Lemon Creme Pie
  2. Pes Frosted Chocolate Cupcake
  3. Pes Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
  4. Ghost Blueberry Toaster Pastry
  5. Ghost Peanut Butter Cereal Milk

  1. Gaspari Precision Protein, Neapolitan
  2. BSN Syntha-6, Chocolate Peanut Butter
  3. XF Ultra Peptide 2.0, Lemon Cream Pie
  4. Cutler Nutrition Total Protein, Banana Cream Pie
  5. Animal Whey, Strawberry

Honorable mention - iForce Vanilla Mint Swirl. Only had one tub but it was some very good stuff.


btw pretty sure they changed ghost blueberry. The tubs I’ve had before had huge chunks of pastry in them, which I loved bc I mainly use it in oatmeal or sludge. This most recent tub they’re the size of tiny beads. not a fan of the change


1.Quest-Cookies and Cream
2.PES- PB Cup
3.SAN-Chocolate Graham Cracker
4. PES- Chocolate Cupcake
5 Metabolic Nutrition-Banana

Really want to try Sparta’s protein though