CPBob.com Weekly Deals

CPBob.com Weekly Deals


Bang bang stack
New mystery Iso Amino —> full review coming soon
Jungle juice fuel

Last order in!


Looking at the pool of preworkouts it seems like you would be better off on average using priceplow and just getting something that way. For every K-XR/PRE W.O. there’s several Muscle tech, bpi, C4 and fuels.

Particularly with fuel I would not want to pay 25$ for that

If you wanted to game the system it looks like sour and high caffeine gets you better options.

What is considered high caffeine?


Under 200 Low Caffeine
Above 200 High

So if someone pays $24.99
You could get

C4 Extreme Energy - $39.99 Retail
Isatori Morph - $39.99
Outlift - $34.99 Retial
Outlift Amped - $39.99 Retail
Gat Psychon - Will Retail $36.99
Dymatize Pre - $39.99
Muscle Marinade - $37.99 Retail

Which are all great pre-workouts.
Most people who sign up will have a higher stim tolerance, look at the supplement industry now and days you see most will average around the 250-300mg range for caffeine. So you have to breakdown who the consumer is and what they are looking for.

Remember when you look at most people who go to the gym what do they primarily care for in a pre-workout? Taste. For 95% of people who take it. Not everyone wants a stim bomb, but something that is affordable and gives them a chance to try something new every month and see how they like it. If they have a high caffeine tolerance they can pinpoint that and get something of their desire.

Again personal preference in the end. A lot of people love the idea and are hopping on it.
Especially because you can pick a caffeine content that suits you and a flavor preference you enjoy.


Yep looks like the high stim just gets you a better selection since most of the ones that are really skimping have under 200 mg so you can 2 scoop them.

Is the fuel jungle juice flavor counted at over 200 mg or under?(it has 200, vs the other flavor’s 180) and is it counted as fruity or sour?


2 flavors are under 200mg caffeine (Orange/Grape) and Jungle Juice is 200mg
There are 3 flavors…
There is a variance between Sweet (orange/Grape) and Sour (Jungle is a combination of multiple flavors)

You have to remember there is over 100+ Pre-workouts choices on the webpage when you put together flavors + stim tolerance. If you hesitant over one pre-workout (Fuel) is going to be drawn for your name the chances are pretty slim.

The company draws I do not, so all decisions and what they pick is up to them.


That one is the edge case, so 200 and under is low stim.
Some of the worst preworkouts have the most flavors, heck the various C4s probably make up 10% of the list, but most of the really bad ones are concentrated in the low stim.

With the low stim it looks like you are getting at least a 40% chance of a rather meh preworkout, assuming the bcaas aren’t counted.

For high stim you are looking at maybe 15% for getting C4 Xtreme or a Mr.Hyde variant, but most of the “one scoop wonders” are in there as well.

(numbers just estimates, not exact)


Order Link:

Newly Added Promo’s:
20% off Hyde Power Potion
-$21.60/Case or $1.35/Can
— Vitamin Shoppe sells Cases for $35

20% off NO3 Chrome
- $15.99 / Container
— great non stim pump agent

Coupon Codes:
TAKE20 = 20% Off Hyde Power Potion & NO3 Chrome
BobKupniewski = 2$ Off (Good Anytime)
FEB5 = 5% Off ($25 Minimum Purchase) Works on all items and stacks


Spring break deals starting tomorrow

Bang $19.99/Case
Celsius $19.99/Case + 14 Free stick packs
Power Potion $21.60

Iso Amino 2-$25
Buy Fuel preworkout get NO3 Powder Free
BOGO Quake Pre-workout
Free Cereal bars with all Quest Purchases
Over 20 BOGO deals

Doing a huge giveaway tomorrow and drawing up to 5 winners

  • 10 Full Sized Products
  • Samples
  • Shakers

Discount Code:


This will launch tomorrow! Will update when I know more.


Full Giveaway starting tomorrow and runs till Saturday
Will be picking upward to 5 winners to split the items. If not more pending on amount of orders for Spring break sales.

Make a $30+ Order
Live in US
Email Invoice — [email protected]

Link to purchase: (fill in the blanks to your web browser or mobile)

Coupon Code: BobKupniewski


List of Spring Break Deals Starting Tomorrow - Friday

---- New Free Gift Everyday ----

Purchase Link

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **


** If you want MULTIPLE BOGO Deals I will have to manually invoice you. Please send me an email with your final order:

  • Products
  • Quantity
  • Flavors

Scivation Quake BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Cellucor C4 Pick any 2 for $49.99
Dymatize Pre Get Amino FREE
Isatori Morph BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
MAN Blockbuster BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1)
Nutrex Outlift get Amino Charger FREE
PES High Volume or Prolific Get Tru Recover or Creatine FREE

_- MAN Iso-Amino 2-$25 _
** This is the cheapest this has ever been at $12.50 a container
- ProSupps HydroBCAA BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
- Scivation Xtend Perform BOGO (Buy 1 get 1 FREE)

  • EFX BCAA get Pre FREE

- Cellucor Whey 20% Off - $23.99/2lb … $47.99/5lb
- Rule 1 Whey Blend 2lb - $20 // 5lb - $40

  • PES Select Get Shaker FREE
  • ON Gold Standard 10% Off
  • Dymatize Protein gets Dymatize bars Free

Protein Bars:
- Buy Quest Bars Get Free Hero Bars FREE
ProSupps MyBar BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) ** 6 Packs**
Optimum Cake Bites 15% OFF
Fitjoy BOGO50 on Lemon, Choc PB & Cookies and Cream

Energy Drinks:
Bang is now $19.99/Case (12 Cans) 20% Off
Celsius Heat get Celsius White Case FREE
Hyde Power Potion is $21.60 (16 Cans) 20% Off
** Great chance to get Champagne and Purple Haze, which are not in the Bang Bang Stack **


  • EFX Karbolyn BOGO (2lb comes Free if you buy 2 or 4lb)
  • CP Select → 20% Off
  • Free Shipping is now $40 instead of $50 . If you make 6 Orders in a year you save money.

Coupon Codes:
BobKupniewski = $2 off Any order (Good Forever)



All top sellers at the moment.
Coupon Code for Power Potion is : POWER20
All other Deals: BobKupniewski

Picking winners for Giveaway Saturday.

Purchase Link
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski
( fill in the blank)

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **


Big Sellers

Quake BOGO - stim and non stim
Hydro bcaa BOGO ($12.50 a tub)
Iso Amino 2-$25
Xtend Perform BOGO ($18.50 a tub)
Bang under $20 a Case

Morph & Nutrex Outlift for pre Workouts are selling fast!


First person to order gets this shipped for free
Instructions in picture. Contest is open on my IG so throwing it up here too


Last Day for all sales here is a brief picture of the top sellers

Any questions please email before ordering
Another flash Giveaway this afternoon check my IG for details when it goes live

Giveaway winners picked tomorrow!!! Please send all invoices when ordering to be entered for the drawing! If you already ordered and sent you are Good to go!


Flash Giveaway open to here and my social media

First person to order ($50+) gets this shipped for free
Instructions in picture. Contest is open on my IG so throwing it up here too


Order Link:

Hyde Power Potion 20% Off

Hyde Retails at $35 @ Vitamin Shoppe, This is $21.60

$1.35/Can compared to over $2 at competitors.

Betancourt Promo’s

  • Buy the Betancourt Stak --> Get 12 pack if B-Nox RTD’s

  • Buy REM PM --> Get MAN L-Carnitine FREE



Sinister Labs SinFit Bars

  • $25.99 A Box

    • These sell for $39 from their webpage ($14 Savings)

Hot Items:

  • MAN Iso-Amino Mystery & Pink Lemonade

  • Celsius Heat Energy Drinks (Apple Jacked, Orange Creamsicle, Blueberry)

Coupon Codes:

BobKupniewski = $2 off Any order (Good Forever)

POWER20 = Hyde 20% Off

New Items Coming:

  • Hyde Power Potion Winter Blast (White Monster Replica) & Pineapple Cooler ** ETA Late April from ProSupps Rep **

  • Kaged Muscle Brand (2-3 Weeks Away)


New Deal for the weekend

Buy Grenade Bars and Get A Spread Free

Any questions on orders please email me
Back directly!

Other Promo’s
Hyde 20% off —- Code: Power20

  • Buy the Betancourt Stak --> Get 12 pack if B-Nox RTD’s

  • Buy REM PM --> Get MAN L-Carnitine FREE

SinFit Bars $25.99
Man Iso Amino Mystery and Pink Lemomade

Coupon Codes:

I still have a coupon code for $10 off an order over $30. Please message me directly with your final order or screen shot of shipping cart before placing

7% off $30 Purchase (stacks or single item)

Coupon Code for $2 off any stack or item

Link to order:


Coming this week


Kaged Muscle (NEW BRAND) – 20% off Intro Sale:

4lb Kasein - $42.40 (Great Deal on a Casein Protein)

Pre-Kaged - $28.80 (Pre-Workout Powerhouse Fully Open Label)

In-Kaged - $21.60 (BCAA + Citrulline + Hydration Formula + Beta-Alanine)

Re-Kaged - $29.60 (Protein + Creatine + Betanine + Glutamine)

** This also applies to all the bulk powders on their line as well!

Alpha Amino Price Drop

  • Cellucor Alpha Amino is $19.99 ($10 Off)
  • BCAA/EAA Complex + Hydration + Recover formula

Buff Bake Sandwich Cookies:

  • My Rankings of the flavors: PB >> SnickerDoodle > Double Chocolate

Macros: 13g Fat, 17g Carbs, 12g Protein

$19.99 without a coupon

Coupon Codes:
KAGED = 20% off Kaged Supplements

BobKupniewski = $2 off Any order or Stack (Good Forever)

WeeklyNews = Good on Stacks/Products over $30 (Will be killed sometime this week NO ETA)

POWER20 = Hyde Power Potion 20% Off

New Items Coming:

  • Cherry Blade Lemonade Bang (THIS WEEK!!! I will Email when it launches)

  • Hyde Power Potion Winter Blast (White Monster Replica) & Pineapple Cooler ** ETA Late April from ProSupps Rep **

Purchase Link
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski
** Fill in space above ^^

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **

Giveaway —> Coming Soon!!!